Susan Boyle steps out in style in home town


By Andrea McCallum

SCOTTISH superstar Susan Boyle stepped out in style in her home town yesterday (Wednesday) as she ventured to the local shops.

The 48-year-old left her home in Blackburn, West Lothian, with a beaming smile and posed for photographs in her new gear.

Her outing comes just a week after reports of erratic behaviour – and growing concern for her ability to cope with stardom.

But with her welcoming gestures and care-free attitude she looked ready for anything.

Underneath her stylish grey knee-length winter coat, Susan twinned smart black trousers with a black top which was set off by a big white bow around the neckline.

And to top it all off, she wore fancy black and white patterned heels complete with a black designer handbag.

The songstress’ hair – which appeared shorter – was not styled and she wore no makeup for the shopping trip.

A week ago Susan was dressed to the nines for her highly-anticipated appearance on America’s Oprah Winfrey TV chat show.

She emerged transformed in a long brown fitted gown and dangly diamond earrings for her second interview with the world-famous host.

But only a day earlier, Susan had launched a foul-mouthed rant her local café in Blackburn.

She stormed into the diner and complained to staff about her PA who apparently told her she needed to go on a diet.

The next day – whilst waiting to travel to Chicago for the Oprah show – she stunned passengers at Heathrow Airport when she started singing and dancing with a mop.

The Britain’s Got Talent star – who has sold more than four million copies of her debut album worldwide – has been under the spotlight since her TV appearance last year.

Susan’s spokesman said the airport incident was Susan being ‘playful’ and that Susan apologized for any offence she caused.

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  1. She’s fine. I wonedr about the rest of us though. LOL Those stories of “meltdowns’ have been debunked..they were typical exaggerations for headlines that sell papers. She was actually asked to sing by some passengers. It’s not like she decided on her own to just start singing.

    Shocking that she wore no make-up and did not have her hair styled. That’s insane! Imagine Adam Lambert or Keisha or Gaga out in public like that? Shouldn’t the story be “Susan Boyle leaves her home to go shopping without make-up on? Might sell better.

  2. She has sold more than 8 MILLION WORLDWIDE, and apparently you have been ignoring all accounts from her team that the incidents did not happen as reported. When will you learn that tabloids make up stories – that’s why they get sued all the time!!

    So nice to see Susan home again and having a good time. She is not only a superstar with a brilliant voice, she is funny, feisty, intelligent, and wonderful. We are so blessed to have her in our world!

  3. The comment about the spokesperson saying that she apologized came from the Daily Mail. They later retracted that statement from the article, proving that once again, they lied.
    Please, get your information from a reliable source.

  4. OMG! Susan Boyle sang in public! And she said a bad word! How terrible!

    This just goes to show how squeaky clean Miss Boyle is. All these stories are doing is confirming the fact that tabloids have no credibility.

  5. What proof do you have that she was doing any of those strange things? How can you publish trash without proof? Did she act strangely on Oprah’s show? Did no one have a cell phone to take pictures when these alleged things were supposed to have happened?

  6. Honestly, why does the press feel the need to make up stories about Susan Boyle? They wind up being proven wrong yet they keep doing it.

    Susan is a delight. She has a fabulous sense of humor to go with that lovely voice and if I were anywhere and she decided to sing impromtu, I would be thrilled. You just keep being yourself, Susan!

  7. I strongly suggest you watch Susan Boyle’s performance on the Oprah show and then perhaps you can realize what so many already know. This is not an emotionally unstable woman who rants in airports and screams in public.
    As long as you use as your “news” source the Daily Mail and their ilk, you will never get it right.
    Miss Boyle’s performance of “Who I Was Born to Be” on Oprah was nothing short of spectacular. She answered somewhat awkward questions with intelligence, grace and humor.
    That is Susan Boyle, not the one you continue to choose to portray.

  8. good posts, everyone!

    wow! all sites that print was is said to be “news” of Susan Boyle should learn that rude remarks are not tolerated by her fans. she has fans all around the world. how many? 8 million cds sold should be a small clue…………..

    we’ve read and/or watched every interview she’s given, we’ve seen videos of all performances. we’ve listened to her sing again and again and again. this woman is strong, poised, talented. she is also funny and likes to cut up. so what? so good for her! and for us.

  9. I find it odd that the spotlight was not turned on a surly passenger who for some reason objected to being seranaded by one of the highest paid and most popular singers in the world, for free, while stuck waiting for an airplane. Especially since the other waiting passeners were enjoying the playful humor enough to be singing along with Susan! Were they “mentally disturbed” too? Or was it the trouble-maker, who could simply have moved away!

    These distortions about one of the world’s nicest and most talented people have become boring, and I cannot help but think they this is going to gradually turn around against those who persist in them, as they are grossly unjust and irresponsible.

    Byi the way, Susan’s performance and interview on Oprah were sturnning and utterly professional, hardly the mark of a mental disturbance. To those who are trying to continue this, get a life.

  10. I find it amazing – bordering on unbelievable – that the fracas in the BA VIP lounge actually happened as no one captured any of it on a cellular phone. And, EVERYONE in the BA VIP lounge has a camera phone or a Blackberry. EVERYONE.

    The descriptions of this event remind me of the railroad car scene in “Hard Day’s Night,” where the Beatles want to listen to radio in the train compartment and the old man doesn’t want them to do so.

  11. As for the performance on Winfrey’s show, I thought Winfrey showed little awareness of anything Boyle’s done in the past six months. She could have asked the same questions six months ago.

    I also thought Boyle was FAR too formally dressed for a program that is taped and shown in the afternoon. To be frank, Boyle looks better in the photograph accompanying this story than she did on Oprah. She just doesn’t look all that great in a dress. Hell, neither do I. Let her veer back a bit to being herself.

    • Susan was dressed just right considering she sang with a live orchestra behind her. It was a glamerous occasion and she would have looked quite silly in slacks and a sweater in that circumstance.

    • I could not disagree more. Susan looked breathtakingly beautiful on the program — love the glamour! LOL she can’t win with some people. She gets called a frump so she jazzes up and gets criticized for it. 🙂 I love it that she glams up for the performances and then keeps her daily look for casual. Way to go, Susan.

  12. I thought she looked good on Oprah but prefer her hair to be less formal. I can’t think why her hairdresser thinks this dragged back look is flattering but I do like her long elegant dresses. The blue one she wore on her show at Christmas is my favourtie. Still, whatever she wears I will sujpport her and just want her to be happy.

  13. Make that EIGHT million she has sold. And oh please, when will you learn to get your news from more reliable soures? Do you really want to align yourself with the trashoids which everyone knows by now are making up complete lies and publishing stuff which we all know is garbage? Not ONE of the so called “rants” have ever been captured on camera in spite of the fact that sleezoids are constantly on her trail and there are thousands of cell phone cameras out there. And we all saw the “thumb sucking” picture cropped out and reported she was having a breakdown even though the entire video was widely available on the web showing a fun laughing party with fans in a restaurant. The days are over when the press can get by with this because now we ALL have access to the truth. Susan was positively GLOWING with happiness on Oprah… stunningly beautiful in a gorgeous gown. Way to go, Susan!

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