Snowpatrol stars play with dolphins in Dubai


Snow Patrol stars Gary Lightbody and Paul Wilson enjoyed a dolphin encounter at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai.

The band headlined the resort’s Sandance music festival and relaxed with the resort’s dolphins after the performance.

 Gary Lightbody and Paul Wilson in Dubai



Sandance is a day-to-night music festival, held on the resort’s Sandance Beach.

A showcase of international acts, Sandance starts with chill out sounds on the beach in the afternoon, with the tempo rising after sunset, continuing until the early hours.

International and local guest enjoy incredible music festival atmosphere, as the world’s best acts perform overlooking the spectacular Dubai skyline.


  1. So Snow Patrol, you endorse cutting off 90% of a dolphin’s LIFE so people can swim with it in an aquarium while the animals dies after a short life from a performing marine version of a concentration camp. THEY WOULD LIVE 60 plus years in the wild, dolphins in captivity die on a regular basis after 3 years, 1 year, a month in some cases. CRUEL!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!! I DEMAND YOU SHOW HUMANITY NOW IF YOU POSSESS IT BY STOPPING YOUR SUPPORT FOR THESE DISGUSTING MARINE CONCENTRATION CAMP EQUIVALENTS!!!!

  2. Snow Patrol…………………dolphins in captivity are SO NOT COOL!!!! They deserve their freedom as much as you………………..the right to live their full lives where they belong, in the ocean. SO NOT a shortened life in captivity!

  3. Do yourself a huge favour and watch the movie ‘The Cove’!! Then you might understand why LOTS of people find this picture revolting!

  4. What a pity, that movie stars who had shootings with animals, don’t know about the suffering those captured/captivity-bred dolphins encounter. Dolphins belong in their natural habitat, which can only be the ocean!

  5. Snowpatrol are you aware that the dolphins in Dubai are from the inhumane and cruel drive hunts in Taiji Japan? Every year 2000 dolphins are driven into a cove through the use of a painful wall of sound. Once in the cove dolphins are selected for captivity and their family is then slaughtered. Is this really want you want to support?

  6. Give it a rest guys. These are good fellows who meant no harm. Before you respond and unless your 100% vegan, 100% of the time, think about what you eat. Gosh, maybe we could all just let our domesticated friends loose …

  7. Dolphins and pictures

    well it seems our time with the dolphins in dubai has caused some controversy. for those that don’t know, tom, rico, pabs and me swam with the dolphins in the waterpark at the hotel in dubai. there are pictures on line of a (seemingly) very happy pabs and me with a dolphin. but pictures can be deceiving.

    i, like most, am no fan of animals being caged or confined in any way but we were in the hotel and they offered to let us have a session with the dolphins. not sure who among you would refuse such an offer. perhaps you would. i didn’t. i went into it hoping for a life affirming experience as i’ve heard encounters with dolphins have changed peoples lives. as much as i think they are majestic, graceful, intelligent and powerful creatures of magic and light they are deminished in captivity and i felt pangs of sadness. their trainers were dedicated and they were well looked after and cared for but the thought burned in me then and lingers still now that they (or any wild mighty creature) should not be bound (ever) to do tricks for spoiled idiots (like myself). in that very picture of me and pabs that has become such a talking point i can feel the beautiful creature’s heartbeat in my hand. what a thing that was to feel. and it was. it was too however a further heartbreaking beacon to me that the wild is where it belongs.

    all that having been said the two dolphins we met that day were so beautiful and i loved meeting them, and the staff and trainers at the park were all excellent, kind, loving and happy folk that were devoted to their animals. some parks around the world mistreat and abuse their animals. this was not one of those places. far from it. i know it’s an issue close to people’s hearts and they may condemn us for going no matter what i say but the opportunity was there for us to interact with an animal that we have never been close to and i took that opportunity. the sadness it left me with can’t be helped either but there we are. the next time i swim with dolphins it will be unplanned as it will be in the wild and will happen naturally. or it won’t. maybe i’ll not be that lucky.

    peace, love and understanding. always. gL

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