Boost of interest in Scots archery clubs thanks to Disney flick


SCOTS ARCHERY clubs have been given a much-needed boost thanks to the new Disney flick – Brave.

The film which is due to be screened in June has already been praised for spiking interest in the bow and arrow sport.

The PG movie Brave tells the story about Princess Merida, a skilled archer who lives in the Scottish Highlands during medieval times.

Archery “set for boost” thanks to Disney flick  Photo:Julo 


The film is tipped to boost Scottish tourism and has already inspired two video games as well as other spin-offs.

The Scottish Archery Association said increased hits on social media sites had taken it “by storm.”

Chairwoman Tracy McGarry said: “The sudden uptake and interest has taken us by storm in the past few weeks and after the premiere of Disney’s Brave in June, membership is projected to reach new levels.

“Of course, archery is not just for the young. It is one truly inclusive sport, suitable for almost everyone.

“It doesn’t have to be competitive; it is also a very social and recreational sport.”

And it’s not just the Disney movie that could spark new interest in the ancient sport.

If Olympic archers do well this summer, the hunting sport could also see record-breaking interest.

Michael Mather, of MRM Archery, in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire said: “Brave is certainly going to boost interest in the sport. There has already been a lot of publicity and it is bound to heighten in intensity as the weeks roll on.

“I think we will see plenty of young women coming forward, which can only be positive for the sport.”

Mr Mather added that Lord of the Rings and Robin Hood has already influenced members to join in the past.

And archery clubs in the US are struggling to meet demand after the success of the Hunger Games.

In the blockbuster, character Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, also uses the bow and arrow as her weapon of choice.

Chairman for VisitScotland, Mike Cantlay, said: “It will give the whole country the opportunity to showcase and highlight the many strands of what Scotland has to offer.”