Juliette Binoche and Nicola Benedetti featured in “video portraits” for Edinburgh International Festival


Edinburgh International Festival has commissioned what they are calling “video portraits” of five celebrated Festival artists.


Binoche: featured


The films feature interviews with Juliette Binoche, Simon McBurney, Nicola Benedetti, Robert Lepage and Anne-Sophie Mutter.


They show the artist’s personal reflections on live performance and their experience of interacting with audiences.


Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti takes a personal look at her own performance style, and the vulnerabilities and idiosyncrasies of a musician on stage.



Actor and director Simon McBurney reflects on the intensity of live theatre and the co-dependent relationship between audience and performer.



Actor, writer and director Robert Lepage champions the cultural benefits of the theatrical experience and the role he plays in delivering it.



Actor Juliette Binoche passionately describes the importance of actors fusing body and mind when performing on stage.



Violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter discusses the life-affirming importance of music as a way of bringing people together, and traces the influence it has had throughout her life.



The video portraits are an addition to portraits of artists created by Scottish photographer Gavin Evans for the Festival 2015 programme covers.


Festival director Fergus Linehan said: “The role that artists and their creative talent plays is absolutely essential to what the Festival is.


“These videos give a rare glimpse inside the minds of five world-renowned artists.


”I think they will give Festival audiences a unique understanding of what they are thinking and feeling when performing for them this August’.