Is the most Scottish number plate ever?


A GLASGOW motorist is driving about with what may be the most Scottish number plate ever.

The grey 2002 Toyota Corolla boasts the registration W1 SNY – which easily translates north of the border as “wisnae”.

The driver has managed to give the plate extra comic effect with an apparently home-made sticker in the back window which reads: “aye it wis”.

The £400 personalised plate, which is worth about the same as the car, has prompted delight among Scots on social media.

But folk living south of the border and even in the US have confessed to being stumped and asked for help.

Claire Toland, who snapped the picture in Glasgow yesterday said: “I don’t have a clue who the registration belongs to, but saw it and thought it was typically Scottish and made me laugh a lot.

“I wondered what it wis and what it wisnae.”

BSA_thunderbolt joked: “It’s similar to this Glasgow ‘classic’. Question: Whits the difference between Bing Crosby and Walt Disney? Answer: Bing sings and Walt disnae.”

Touristtam added: “F****** fantastic.”

MrsRobertshaw commented: “Ahaha. Classic Scots joke.”

But Romanopapa asked: “Can someone explain to a non-Scot please?”

Portponky helpfully replied: “The sticker says “aye it wis” (yes it was) and the number plate says “wisny” (no it wasn’t). This is like a typical argument.”

Peeksvillain added: “I’m from Wisconsin and was very confused until I noticed which sub this is.”
Mapotez said simply: “What does it mean?”