Moment Smart car driver goes for a spin – with a washing machine


A REMARKABLE video clip shows the driver of a tiny two-seater Smart car with a washing machine somehow crammed into the passenger seat.

The footage, captured on another motorist’s dashcam, shows the space-saving, lightweight car whizzing along Combe Street Lane in Yeovil, Somerset last week.

Close examination of the clip shows the unmistakable bulk of a washing machine perched next to the driver.

The footage was captured by baffled motorist, Martin Payn, last Wednesday who later shared the clip on Facebook.

He wrote: “Taken from my dash cam. This dude taking his washing machine for a spin in his Smart car.”

Social media users were bewildered and amused at the fact that the driver managed to get the machine inside the car in the first place.

Daniel Watson-Marsh commented: “Impressed he got it in!”

David Brown wrote: “Couldn’t fit the turbo upgrade under the bonnet.”

Brian Ibbetson said: “I think the washing machine has more bhp.”

Chris Watson added: “The washing machine is faster and built better.”

On their website, Smart cars described their vehicles as having ample storage which they states “makes a lot possible”.