Posh chippy told to ditch giant wrappers 266



By Michael MacLeod

A POSH chippy has been ordered to ditch its giant wrappers because they fill bins too fast and encourage “messy” seagulls.

Fish suppers served up at the North Berwick Fry come in polystyrene containers, which the local council say leave bins “overflowing.”

They say the wrappers have an “immense impact” when they spill out of bins and are the town’s main problem.

But chip shop owner Dino Cucci, 45, says their cartons are no bigger than those at nearby kebab and pizza shops, and says he feels victimised for his shop’s success.

He said: “We’ve worked very hard for North Berwick for 55 years and have only ever been good news for the town.

“The seagulls are very intelligent and get right inside the bins, but it’s not just our food they get, it’s the kebabs and pizza boxes that are even worse.

“I feel victimised because we are not to blame for the rubbish. How can I tell customers to clean up after themselves?”

Mr Cucci said he was “disappointed” when East Lothian Council approached him over North Berwick’s litter problems.

He added: “The cartons I get in are big but they are degradable, so it’s good for the environment.

“Our shop brings in tourists and was voted by a newspaper this week as the second best fish and chip shop in Scotland.

“It’s disappointing when the council tries to stop you, so I’ll be speaking to the councillor this weekend to sort it out.”

The council said they were simply following up on complaints from neighbouring residents.

A spokesperson said: “Local people are concerned about the litter spilling out and seagulls coming into the town and making a mess.

“If people don’t smash them up, the bins overflow quickly and it has an immense impact.

“However we know we have no control over how shops wrap their produce and intend to approach the outlet directly to request changing their packaging.”