Tuesday, July 5, 2022
1Edinburgh Oasis gig marred by brutal assault

Edinburgh Oasis gig marred by brutal assault

By Oliver Farrimond

A MUSIC-LOVER’S dream turned into a nightmare at Murrayfield stadium yesterday as a gang of thugs viciously beat a man during the build-up to an Oasis concert.

Shocked music fans watched in horror at the historic gig as a fight between two men escalated into a full-blown beating.

Overcome by three further attackers, the man, said to be in his mid-thirties, was punched and kicked in the head after falling to the floor.

He was left bloodied and unconscious by the attack which happened on the western part of the pitch just before 8pm during a performance from indie rockers Kasabian.

Eyewitness Jennifer Patterson, from Edinburgh, said that security staff simply watched as the fight escalated.

She said: “He was unconscious and bleeding on the ground for ten minutes and security just stood and did nothing.

“I’ve no idea how it started, there were pint glasses being thrown in the air then all of a sudden two men started going at it.

“Before I knew there were four or five guys beating him while he was on the floor.

“The main culprit who was putting the boot in just walked away – it’s a disgrace.”

Other eyewitnesses said that the man was taken away by ambulance crews for treatment after lying on the ground for several minutes following the assault.

St Andrew’s Ambulance service, who were providing first-aid support for the gig, were not available for comment.

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