Thieves snatch £200 in charity cash


By Rory Reynolds

FOUR callous thieves nicked a charity bucket containing £200 from a hen night at a Scots bar – before shoving their way through the generous women who made the donations.

The twisted men, who were drinking in Montrose’s Anchor Bar, perked up when they heard an announcement that the ladies were collecting for cancer charities.

They then grabbed the bucket and ran out the door, leaving manager Lorraine Watson fuming.

She has vowed to ban the men, who she claims she has identified to police.

She said: “I was absolutely horrified at the disgusting nature of this crime.

“The girls asked me to make an announcement about the collection so it wasn’t as if the thieves didn’t know the money was for charity.

“The camera has recorded everything very clearly, giving a good view of their faces.

“My bar staff were able to identify three of the men and their names along with the CCTV tape to the police.”

Members of the town’s Pubwatch scheme – run by Lorraine’s husband Charlie – will decide what action to take.

She added: “The names have also been passed to the Pubwatch committee, so they also face being restricted in where they can go for a drink in future.

Tayside Police blasted the thieves as “callous” and appealed for information from the public.