Wednesday, August 17, 2022
EntertainmentSuBo admits having pig of a temper

SuBo admits having pig of a temper

Susan Boyle said she now had her temper under control

SUBO has revealed her temper was so bad she was nicknamed Miss Piggy.

The Britain’s Got Talent star became almost as famous for her outbursts as for her singing following a string of well-publicised altercations.

The West Lothian singer hit the head lines after having a furious row with her assistant in a Japanese airport, and for swearing at two strangers in a the lobby of a London hotel.

But she told a London-based newspaper that she had finally managed to control her rage.

SuBo admitted her temper was so bad she was likened to Miss Piggy from the Muppet Show (Picture by Ross Hawkes)

The 50-year-old said: “I’m a wee bit older now. There’s not real need for me to flare up as much.

“I’ve have learned that you get a lot done by being calm.

“You get nothing done by shouting and bawling. I’m not proud of it but I was known as the Miss Piggy of temper.”

Susan made her comments ahead of a new ITV1 documentary, Susan Boyle: An Unlikely Superstar, which will be broadcast on November 4.


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