Boy killed in A9 crash decided to donate organs at age five

Cole decided he wanted to donate his organs at the age of five

A BOY who died in a car crash at the weekend wanted to donate his organs to save others.

Seven-year-old Cole Jay Gibson was killed alongside his mother’s partner when her Renault Kangoo crashed on the A9 on Friday night.

Hazel Gibson, 29, sustained serious injuries in the collision including a fractured collar bone, back and pelvic bone.

Hazel is currently 17 weeks pregnant. Her unborn child was unharmed in the incident.

Speaking from Ninewells Hospital she talked about the miracle of not miscarrying her unborn baby and that the decision to donate organs was one made by Cole himself at a young age.

She said: ‘‘Cole decided he wanted to be on the organ donor register when he was 5 years old after he picked up a leaflet that came through the letterbox.  We made a decision then as a family that it was what we all wanted to do and we are now all on the organ donor register.

‘‘Knowing that Cole’s death is helping other children waiting for life saving transplants is helping me in some way to come to terms with what has happened.  I already know that his heart is going to a 2-year-old girl and that has given me a glimmer of hope knowing that whilst he is not here, he’s still making a difference to a very sick young girl elsewhere in the UK.

‘‘Given what I’ve been through it’s a miracle I haven’t miscarried.  I can only think that wearing a special pregnancy bump seat belt helped in some way although I can never be sure.

‘‘I just hope that when people read this they will appreciate how precious the gift of life can be and to consider putting themselves on the organ donor register.  I know it’s not for everyone but if a few more join as a result of what has happened to my family then Cole’s death has not been in vain and it’s been worthwhile sharing our story.’’

Cole was a Primary 3 pupil at Benarty Primary School near Lochgelly in Fife where he also attended the breakfast club.  He was an extremely popular and intelligent little boy who was excelling in all academic areas at school. Cole had a love of Transformers, old and new, and also loved building Lego.  He was fascinated with bugs and had built up a collection of eight pet lizards.

To find out more about joining the Organ Donor Register please visit or to register you can also call 0300 123 23 23.