Police warning over heroin purity

Police say the changes in purity puts addicts at risk of overdose

ADDICTS could be at risk after heroin of varying purity was reported in Tayside.

Police say the strength of the drug currently circulating in Tayside has considerable differences in purity and warned heroin users to be aware of this variance.

They are also urgeing other people around drug users to be vigilant as users may be taking heroin that could be of a far higher level than they are used to.

Police fear that the risks of overdose are currently greater.

Detective Chief Inspector Graham McMillan said: “We have long spoken about the risks associated with drug abuse being a huge gamble. It is fair to say that because of the differences in purity of heroin deals, the stakes for the user have never been higher and the odds on them having a serious or even fatal overdose have shortened significantly.

“People need to realise the jeopardy they place themselves in.”

Dr Kirsty Licence, Consultant in Public Health Medicine added: “Users of heroin and other controlled drugs are always at risk of overdose and should be aware of the signs of overdose and how to respond.

“In all cases where someone is suspected to have overdosed, or be suffering from the side effects of drugs, people should call for an ambulance as quickly as possible.”