Airport to double waiting time for disabled drivers


DISABLED passengers using the drop-off zone and the short stay car park at Edinburgh Airport are set to get double the free waiting time as part of an ongoing programme of improvements.

The move follows a recommendation from the Mobility and Access Committee Scotland (MACS), which was invited by the airport to make suggestions on how it could improve the accessibility of terminal facilities for disabled

Airport operators BAA were heavily criticised for introducing a £1 charge for drivers wanting to drop off and collect passengers next to the airport terminal.

From April 1 disabled drivers will get twice as much waiting time in the the drop off zone


From April 1, disabled passengers will have 30 minutes free time in both the drop off zone and car park rather than the standard 15 minutes, in line with the recommendation from MACS that many disabled passengers needed more time to unload.

Further improvements such as updated signage, improvements to the website and reconfiguring disabled car parking spaces to bring them closer to the terminal are also being made following consultation with MACS.

Anne MacLean, Convener of the Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland said: “We very much welcome the changes being introduced by Edinburgh Airport.

“Reviewing and improving the signage at the Airport car parks and drop-off zones and making website information easier to access will be of considerable benefit, not only for disabled travellers but also for their family and friends who may be travelling with them.

“Increasing the waiting time from 15 to 30 minutes in the car park and the drop off zone will allow those with restricted mobility and other disabilities the additional time they might need.

Gordon Robertson, Head of Communications at Edinburgh Airport, said: ”Passenger experience and safety are key priorities for us and it’s important that our disabled passengers can use our facilities unhurriedly.”