Murray cracks a smile after Wimbledon defeat


TENNIS ace Andy Murray’s spirits have lifted after his bitterly disappointing Wimbledon defeat, as he posted pictures of himself grinning broadly online.

The 25-year-old was at a filming of BBC comedy show Mock the Week last night (tue), and posted two pictures on his Facebook page from his visit to the studio.

Murray broke the nation’s heart as he shed tears after his defeat by Roger Federer on Sunday.

Murray alongside the rest of the Mock the Week comedians

But he was in a chipper mood and took the comedian’s ribbing in his stride at the filming, where he sat in the audience.

Murray posted a message for his 623,000 fans on his Facebook page
saying: “Went to watch Mock the Week being filmed last night, so funny…”

One picture shows Murray standing amongst comedians on the show, including host Dara Obrien and Chris Addison.

Posting another picture of himself chortling in the audience, he
added: “They didn’t pick on me that much either, haha.

“It’s on tomorrow night on BBC2 one, get involved…”

Murray appeared laid back and in good spirits laughing at the jokes at his expense

Murray’s loss to Federer at the Wimbeldon man’s final was watched by a full third of all people in Scotland.

He was the first Briton in more than 70 years to reach the final, but could not overcome Swiss Federer, who is being called the greates player of all time.