The Hoff’s hassle is a hoax


CLAIMS a Scottish parking warden slapped a ticket on the windscreen on the world’s most famous crime-busting car were today exposed as a publicity stunt.

It was reported that TV star David Hasselhoff was livid after a £60 fine was stuck on KITT, the legendary talking car from the series Knight Rider, while it was parked in Edinburgh.

Hasselhoff – known as The Hoff – is starring in a show at the Fringe and the organisers have now admitted it was a stunt.

The Hoff will be in Edinburgh performing his new show until 27 August


The ticket was supposed to have been handed out on Monday when KITT was parked in the city centre while Hasselhoff took part in a Fringe publicity shoot.

A photograph showed a white-haired man in dark clothes and a high-visibility vest apparently putting a ticket on the windscreen of the supercar.

The parking enforcer is said to have told onlookers: “I don’t care who he is.”

But Lothian and Borders Police, Edinburgh Council and Edinburgh University – the owners of the land – all flatly denied persecuting KITT.

Today a spokeswoman for The Pleasance, where “An Evening With David Hasselhoff” is being staged, admitted: “Yes, it was all done for a joke.”

The spokeswoman said any further details would have to come from Hasselhoff’s publicist, Paul Sullivan, who was not available for comment.

Following the fake ticket, Hasselhoff, 60, told journalists: “KITT was so upset he got a ticket.

“In fact, I had to talk to him. I had a counsellor come in.

“But he was very upset. KITT’s never got a ticket before, usually when he sees the police coming he drives away.”