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EntertainmentIf Buckie be the booze of love...

If Buckie be the booze of love…

SCOTS reality TV star Michelle McManus has tweeted a picture of a Scot’s grocer selling Buckfast as the ultimate Valentine’s treat.

The former Pop Idol champ shared the hilarious picture on Twitter with her 10,000 fans.

Two bottles of Buckfast, advertised at £6.75 each can be seen on display, each with a pink tag and love heart declaring ‘For that someone special’.

Michelle spotted this unusual Valentine's Day treat and tweeted a picture to fans
Michelle spotted this unusual Valentine’s Day treat and tweeted a picture to fans


The 32-year-old wrote: “And who says romance is dead #scottishvalentines.”

The singer’s fans were quick to see the funny side of her picture with one, Nikki Miller, writing: “Haha that is hilarious… to be here in Motherwell?”

Lynne Colhoun also found the picture amusing, writing: “Oh gosh! Feel sick just looking at that!”

Another follower, called Div, added: “Haha, no bad price, I got charged £9 for one outside Celtic park last night to make my night worse #robbed!”

Scotland consumes half the world’s entire supply of Buckfast, which is regarded as an aphrodisiac in the West Indies.

The tonic wine was first concocted by Benedictine monks at Buckfast Abbey in Devon in 1926, but recently it has gained a reputation as the drink of choice for youths prone to antisocial behaviour.

Its strength – 15% ABV – relatively low price and sweetness proved appealing to underage drinkers.

But the makers of Buckfast have fought back in recent years. In 2009 they took Glasgow’s Licensing Board to court over claims its product was discriminated against.

TV celebrity chef Martin Blunos revealed his own Buckfast-inspired valentines recipe this week with chocolate Buckfast Passion Pots.

The star of BBC’s Saturday Kitchen has previously made Christmas pudding, Mulled Pears, Buckfast Fruit Loaf, Buckfast Beef Bourguignon and Sticky Buckfast Ribs using the tonic wine.

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