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EntertainmentPleased to meet you, Andy Murray, now where's the hand sanitiser?

Pleased to meet you, Andy Murray, now where’s the hand sanitiser?

ANDY MURRAY has revealed he uses antibacterial sanitiser because he has to shake so many hands.

In an interview with the woman’s magazine Red he explained sanitising his hands after meeting their reporter.

Fashion writer Laura Craik said she pulled-up the tennis star from Dunblane when he used the hand sanitiser upon meeting her.

She said to Murray: “You’re using antibacterial hand sanitiser.

“Is that a “thing” for you?”

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Murray, with the Have I Got News For You team, in 2012, said the sanitiser was needed because of the number of hands he shook


Murray replied: “Sometimes, as you go through the day, you end up shaking hands with a lot of people, so…”

Apparently hurt by Murray’s actions she insisted: “‘I don’t have flu. To my knowledge, I have no viruses at the present time.”

The writer quizzed Murray on any Wimbledon-related superstitions.

Murray said: “No. I’m not superstitious.” She asked if he wore lucky pants. Murray replied: “No lucky pants.”

It is not the first time the spotlight has been put on Murray for his apparently strange habits.

In 2009 he raised eyebrows for repeatedly requesting “the white towels” during a Wimbledon match – a step beyond his usual call for a towel between every point.

He later defended his routine saying: “I play pretty quick in between the points if I don’t take the towel.

“I think when you’re playing over a five-set match, it’s good to just take five- or 10-second breaks after each point where you towel down, catch your breath, get ready for the next point.”

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