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Ghost of fisherwoman caught on camera in Fife

THE GHOST of a woman with a big bottom has been caught on camera in Fife.

The apparition, thought to be a fisherwoman, was seen sneaking into the former food store in the ruins of Newark Castle.

Lenny Lowe, 48, a local writer and historian snapped the ghostly intruder whilst visiting the 13th century castle in research for an upcoming book.

But after reviewing the photos he spotted a spooky blur that appeared to be “the figure of a large woman.”


The photo of the castle with the strange black blemish in right corner. Image: Leonard Low


“I took several shots with a Samsung 12.2 megapixel camera”, he said, “When looking at the photos one has a strange, dark blemish in the right hand corner.

“Zoom in and this character appears, walking into what would be the storeroom of the castle.

“She looks like a fisherwoman – sleeves rolled up, big bum. She looks like a woman in her 50s about five and a half feet tall,” he added.

“Being 100 yards from the sea, it’s more likely to be a fisherman’s wife – one who spent her time gutting and salting the fish.”


Close up: the figure appears to be that of a woman in a long red skirt and dark top with rolled-up sleeves.

Mr Lowe, who identifies himself as a paranormal investigator, went on: “I wouldn’t say she was enormous but it looks like she’s got a big bum.

“I think she’s retracing old steps”, he added, “This is a vision of the past – somebody doing their work is still doing it.”

But the ghost-hunter could not explain whether the spirit had any ill-intentions, saying: “I was too far away from the castle to get any vibes.”

Newark Castle is in ruins, just outside St Monans on the east coast of Scotland.

It dates back to the 13ths century, when Scottish king Alexander III spent some of his childhood there.

Since then the original structure has been rebuilt and ruined several times over, and it is likely that the current castle is the remains of restoration efforts from the 17th century.

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