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Court & CrimeCorrupt cop who stole £200K banned from bookies

Corrupt cop who stole £200K banned from bookies

A CORRUPT police officer who served time for stealing more than £200,000 has been banned from a betting shop after placing large cash wagers.

Dean Burnett was jailed in July 2013 for stealing cash and drugs from police evidence lockers – barely £2,000 of which was ever recovered.

The former Glasgow constable was released early from his 45-month sentence and during the summer placed bets in excess of £1,000 at William Hill in Whiteinch, Glasgow.

The former constable placed bets at William Hill
The former constable placed bets at William Hill


Staff recognised Burnett and he was recently handed a letter telling him he was banned.

An insider said: “He started going in about May or June – putting massive bets on the horses – and he was looking really dodgy.

“He was coming in regularly and putting on multiple bets of hundreds of pounds – spending over £1,000 at a time.”

The insider said Burnett was recognised by staff at the Dumbarton Road branch as a result of publicity at the time of his trial. Workers were also aware that he was just out of prison and a large amount of cash was missing.

“They recently gave him a letter saying he was barred from the shop. They obviously suspect the cash he’s spending isn’t exactly legit.”

Burnett, a law graduate, stole £205,279 in cash from police evidence storage in Govan, Glasgow between August 2010 and January 2012. He also stole cocaine, cannabis and heroin.


The High Court in Edinburgh heard that only £1,900 was recovered following his arrest. A confiscation order for £5,433 was granted by the judge, an amount that matched his “realisable assets”.

At his trial, the police veteran – who served in the force for 18 years – claimed he had been suffering from serious mental health problems which were worsened by stress at work.

The court heard that at one point, Burnett had obtained a submachine gun and intended to go to the management section of Govan Police Station before he changed his mind.

Burnett’s lawyer claimed that – after being forced to return to work after a suspension in spite of his health problems – Burnett turned to gambling.

She said: “His gambling addiction was how he coped with stress. Having gone back to work, the stresses got worse.

“He took the escape route that was gambling.”

Burnett, who is believed to be 45, claimed he had taken the missing cash to a local bookmakers, and “sat there until every penny was gone”.

But after it was found that he had stolen evidence linked to 98 separate cases a judge sentenced him to 45 months in jail.

A spokesman for William Hill declined to comment on Burnett’s ban.

He added: “There is no evidence of any suspicious betting activity within the named shop.”

Burnett could not be contacted for comment.

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