Neighbours Laura and Ashlay give birth early and on same day


TWO pregnant next-door neighbours called Laura and Ashlay both went into labour a month early, gave birth on the same day and ended up in hospital beds next to each other.

Laura Hood and Ashlay Smith already had two children each when they discovered this spring that they were both expecting again.

Laura and Ashlay, from Tranent, East Lothian, were given due dates in September that were just four days apart.

But Laura, 30, and Ashlay, 34, gave birth to their sons on August 21 and even found themselves side-by-side on the ward at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

The coincidences continued as both Laura’s son, Louie, and Ashlay’s boy, Tom, needed treatment for jaundice before coming home.

Louie on the left, Tom on the right
Louie on the left, Tom on the right


Eleven weeks on, the boys are thriving, with both tipping the scales at 12lbs.

Childminder Ashlay, who has lived next door to Laura for six years, said: “Laura is my hairdresser and I also live right next door to her.

“I went in one day to get my hair done and she asked how I was doing. When I told her I was pregnant she couldn’t believe it and told me that she was too.

“During the pregnancy we would be sitting together out the back eating crushed ice joking how crazy it would be if we had our babies on the same day.”

Laura was due to have Louie on September 12 and Ashlay’s due date for Tom was September 16. Laura ended up giving birth at 2.05am on August 21, followed by Laura at 8.10pm the same day.

Laura said: “The number of coincidences is really weird, it’s very strange.

“Now, 11 weeks on, they still weigh very similar amounts and spend a lot of time with each other. They even had their jabs on the same day.”

There is one main difference between the two boys however – their sleeping patterns.

Laura added: “I got lucky. Louie sleeps really well but Ashlay isn’t so lucky with Tom.

“Me and Ashlay are really good friends now and we spend a lot of time with each other.
“I’m sure the boys will be great pals growing up together – that would be really cute.”