Ex of Lotto couple’s daughter ribbed on social media


THE UNLUCKIEST ex-boyfriend in Britain has been mercilessly teased on social media – after his old flame’s parents won £33m on the lottery.

Grant Robinson, from Jedburgh, used to date the daughter of David and Carol Martin, who scooped half of the £66m Lotto jackpot at the weekend.

The 28-year-old went out with Lisa, who now lives in Melbourne, Australia, about seven years ago, but they ended up going their separate ways.

The post taking the mickey out of Grant's misfortune
The post taking the mickey out of Grant’s misfortune

And now he may be kicking himself for letting her go – as she is currently making plans to fly first class back to Scotland to celebrate the biggest ever Lotto win.

One of Grant’s old friends uploaded a picture to social media yesterday taking the mickey out of his mate’s misfortune.

The old photograph shows Grant pulling a shocked face, and is captioned :“When you realise your ex-girlfriend’s parents just won £33 million on the lottery!”

Other friends were quick to join the fun.

Liam Wallace wrote: “Coulda been driving about in a Ferrari Robbo!”

It is believed the pair went out seven years ago
It is believed the pair went out seven years ago

Billy Miller added: “Grant Robinson make amends.”

However, Grant appeared to take the teasing on the chin and even changed his profile picture to the amusing snap.

Grant, who used to go to Jedburgh Grammar School, now appears to live in Alberta, Canada and works for a stairs and railings company.

Recent photographs show him snowboarding and trekking through thick snow with his family over the Christmas holidays.

Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend Lisa is booking flights back to Scotland from the other side of the world, where she works as an account manager at a recruitment firm.

After her parents went public with their win on Wednesday, they announced the first thing they would do is get their daughter back to Hawick so that they can celebrate as a family

Grant now lives and works in Alberta, Canada
Grant now lives and works in Alberta, Canada

She was the first person that the lucky couple contacted after they realised their gigantic win.

At a press conference her father, David, said: “’We caught Lisa on the telephone as she was driving to work and told her to pull over.

‘She thought something bad had happened as we normally only Skype or WhatsApp her to keep the costs down. So, when we telephoned she was really worried.

‘Then we told her we’ve just won 68 million in Australian dollars. She couldn’t believe it and thought we were pulling her leg.’

The family have not been together for more than a year but the couple have offered to pay the plane fare home as soon as Lisa can arrange it.

The Martins said they hoped to be reunited at the weekend so that they can begin planning their futures at their ‘ordinary’ home.

Lisa’s mother said: “Lisa loves it out in Australia and has been trying to gain residency over there.

“She’s been in Australia for more than five years and we last saw her at Christmas 2014. We can’t wait to see her again. With all this going on, it doesn’t seem right not to be together.”

The 26-year-old moved to Australia in 2011. Before the big move she worked as a customer service advisor at the Scottish Borders Council.