Selfie queen Danczuk used Twitter page for booze ID


CLEAVAGE selfie queen Karen Danczuk has been refused alcohol after trying to use her Twitter page as ID.

The bizarre incident happened this morning (THUR) when she tried to buy a bottle of cava at Sainsbury’s branch in Manchester Piccadilly train station.

The former wife of labour politician, Simon Danczuk, showed her Twitter profile when staff members challenged her under the “Think 25” policy.

Danczuk, 32, best known for constantly posting cleavage baring selfies online, went on Twitter to complain to the supermarket chain shortly after the incident.

Dozens of users took to the post to mock the incident, blasting the mother-of-two “embarrassing” and accusing her of having an ego trip.


Karen Danczuk tried to tell Sainsbury's she'd shown her Twitter profile as ID
Karen Danczuk tried to tell Sainsbury’s she’d shown her Twitter profile as ID

Danczuk, who describes herself as TV personality on Twitter, wrote: “Just tried to buy a small bottle of cava from your Manc Pic train store – they refused as they said I don’t look old enough

“I’ve sent off my Drivers Licence for renewal. It’s obvious I’m not 18 and a quick look at my Twitter shows who I am.

“I guess I should take it as a compliment being asked for ID.

Mrs Danczuk is famous for her revealing selfies
Mrs Danczuk is famous for her revealing selfies


A Sainsbury’s worker, known as Brad, quickly responded: “Hi Karen, did you have I.D on you?

“Apologies, without I.D colleagues have the right to refuse sale.

“We can’t accept a Twitter page as I.D unfortunately.

“Apologies, without I.D colleagues have the right to refuse sale.

“Sorry Karen, we operate a “think 25” policy.

“If a colleague feels you may look under the age of 25 they can ask for I.D.”

One Twitter user responded to the post writing: “Should have got your boobies out, they’d have recognised you then.

Another said: “Don’t you know who she is?! No, me neither.”

While one retweeted one of her cleavage-baring selfie and wrote: “How could your staff not recognise these, everyone else has seen them.”

More harsher critics included messages such as: “Shut the f*** up Karen you attention seeking retard.”

Clearly enjoying all the attention, Karen later posted the tweet: “Wow my @sainsburys tweet is causing quite a stir. I hope they ask me for ID more often.”