“Boris Johnson is a pure fanny” vandal strikes again


THE “Boris Johnson is a pure fanny” prankster has struck again – just weeks after his original graffiti was covered up.

Last month images surfaced online of a spray painted billboard in Partick, Glasgow, reading “Boris Johnson is a pure fanny”, just hours after the politician was appointed foreign secretary.

Within days Glasgow City Council arranged for the vandalism to be covered up with white paint and Police Scotland confirmed an investigation was underway.

But now new photographs have surfaced showing the exact same billboard targeted by vandals again with the words, “Boris Jonson is still a pure fanny” (sic).

Pranksters have targeted the exact same spot for the second time. Credit: Lisa Donati

The billboard is attached to a building which collapsed last week – but it managed to survive long enough for the updated Boris message.

Posting an image of it on Facebook, Lisa Donati wrote: “The building collapsed but a ton of rubble disnae hide the fact that Boris Johnson is still a pure fanny.”

Shortly after the first piece of graffiti appeared, gift company owner Lisa began selling mugs emblazoned with ‘Boris Johnson is a pure f**.”

The original graffiti message was painted over by Glasgow City Council. Credit: Twitter

Facebook user Sam Torbet said: “A couple of weeks ago someone wrote “Boris Johnson is a pure fanny”.

“Now of course it got cleaned off. Then a couple of days ago the wall to the left of the sign sadly collapsed.

“Now some genius has put up the statement again now fenced off because of the collapsed wall incident. Anonymous person, I salute you.”

The original spray paint was put up just hours after the politician was appointed foreign secretary. Twitter: Twitter

One Twitter user wrote: “That billboard near my house that was defaced and cleaned has been redubbed ‘Boris Johnson is still a pure fanny.’ Superb.”