Tuesday, August 16, 2022
MultimediaMoment wind takes farm worker for a ride

Moment wind takes farm worker for a ride

DRAMATIC video shows the moment a farm worker was sent flying after a giant gate was caught by wind.

The clip shows the man at first trying and failing to open the huge door, hurting his hand in the process.

But at the exact moment he tries to pull open the door for a second time it is caught by a gust of wind.

The worker desperately hangs on and is pulled off his feet and swung in an arc as the door flies open.

Thankfully, the man was not injured during the incident at an unidentified farm.

The clip, which has already been viewed more than 1m times on social media, was posted with a warning to other farm workers.









The ten-second clip was uploaded onto a Facebook page dedicated to farming mishaps with the caption: “Winter is here lads. Please watch out for these gates as they’re a death trap and we all have them in our yards. The person in video was okay after. Please share around to spread the word.”

The footage starts with the man trying to wrench free the barn door with all his might but struggles with his footing on the muddy ground.

Wind sends farmer flying
Wind sends farmer flying

The first sign of trouble comes when he jolts away from the gate and shakes his hand in pain after catching it against the metal.

As he shakes his hand in discomfort, the gate blows open in the wind. The farmer yanks it open and starts to walk with it towards the wall.

However, the large gate catches a gust of wind and flies open uncontrollably, taking the farmer with it through the air.

He struggles to stop as his boots slide in the mud before he’s launched into the air.

A huge gust of wind caught the gate
A huge gust of wind caught the gate

He manages to bail out just before the gate crashes against the brick wall but takes face the full impact as he careers through the mud and into the barn at high speed.

Luckily, he’s able to stand up immediately as laughter is heard from the person behind the camera.

Luckily the farmer walked away from his ordeal
Luckily the farmer walked away from his ordeal

Despite the potential danger, and the high annual toll of death and injury on farms each year, Facebook users saw the funny side.

Eoin Ryan wrote: “Forget Dancing on Ice! Dancing on cow s**t! 12 celebrities on a farm in wellies doing the macarena.”

Emma Grace commented: “This made me burst out laughing.”

Ryan Hales joked: “When you’re almost in the DMs then she blocks you.”

Whilst David Cooney said: “Sliding doors on the new shed needed.”

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