Thursday, July 7, 2022
NewsMcGregor accuses BoJo of talking out of his exit about Brexit

McGregor accuses BoJo of talking out of his exit about Brexit

Trainspotting actor Ewan McGregor has accused Boris Johnson of talking “out of his arse” about Brexit.

Writing on Twitter, McGregor linked to an online news article where a leading European finance minister accused the foreign secretary of offering an “impossible” vision of British life outside of the EU.

He posted the link to the article with a caption saying: “Boris Johnson continues to talk out of his arse, offering ‘impossible’ Brexit vision.”

In the article, it is reported that Johnson told a Czech paper the UK was likely to leave the EU customs union but still wanted to trade freely.

But Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the Dutch finance minister – who is also president of the eurozone’s Eurogroup – said this was “impossible”.

Ewan McGregor in 2009

McGregor has vocally opposed Brexit in the past and has said he would consider voting for Scottish independence if Scotland left the EU.

His tweet received a warm reaction from Twitter users, and was liked 650 times in the two hours after it was posted.

Social media users also joined McGregor in criticising Johnson.

Twitter user Just Me wrote: “He’s completely oblivious! He just talks without knowing what he’s talking about! UK future’s dark.”

Antony Styles added: “Boris being an idiot buffoon, that’s a surprise we didn’t see coming.”

Dan McCan said: “As usual though, he really has no clue.”

Other users fired criticism back at McGregor.

One tweeter, known mononymously as Tom, said: “Nothing stopping you from running for an office Ewan if you have all the correct answers.”

@BarCreator added: “Do we care what you think?… nope. Jog on Ewan McGregor.”

Ewan McGregor is due to hit screens again on January 27 when the sequel to Trainspotting is released.

He has also recently made his directorial debut, with an adaption of Philip Roth’s 1997 book, American Pastoral.

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