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Prankster admits attacking pal’s house with leaf blower and six boxes of cereal

A JOKER who used a leaf blower to blast six boxes of breakfast cereal into his pal’s home has gone viral.

Craig Cowan pushed the leaf blower nozzle through the letter box and unleashed a torrent of Asda crispy rice.

Hilarious pictures of the attack show the floor of Scott McAtear’s home in Renfrew, Renfrewshire, completely covered with the cereal

Craig used a leaf blower to blast six boxes of breakfast cereal into his pal’s home has gone viral.

The images have been shared almost 1,500 times and have received over 10,000 likes since they were posted on Facebook.

To carry out the prank, Craig, 34, from Paisley, first rented a leaf-blower.

He then cut a plastic bottle in half, used duct tape to attach it to the leaf blower, and used the bottle to feed in the cereal.

The mess the cereal and leaf blower left behind

Despite the spectacular success of his attack in 2015, Craig decided to keep secret his involvement for two years.

He posted to Scott, 38, a few days ago: “I’m coming clean after two long years.

“It was me who hired a leaf blower an duct taped a bottle onto the nozzle and blew six boxes of crispy rice through your letterbox as revenge for your revenge.”

He added: “PS – special tip of the hat to my partner in crime Heather Murphy because the leaf blower was heavy, man!”

It took Scott “months” to clean according to Craig

Craig’s motive for attacking his pal’s home started with a comical misunderstanding.

An unknown prankster advertised a non-existent couch and TV on Gumtree and put Scott’s number on the ad.

When calls started coming in, Scott wrongly assumed Craig was responsible and directed callers to Craig’s address.

The leaf blower with a plastic bottle strapped on with duct tape

Craig wrote: “So I had hundreds of folk from all over Glasgow and Clydebank chapping my mum’s door looking for these imaginary household goods.”

Despite a combined age of 72, the pair are still feuding online about the series of pranks.

Scott wrote: “Don’t worry Glasgow, I pumped his mum.”

Craig responded with a very rude photo of himself and the caption: “REVENGE!!”

Craig and Scott have been pals for over 10 years

Speaking today, Craig said the entire prank cost £40, including the price of the cereal.

He said that as the cereal was blasted through the letterbox a neighbour of Scott’s demanded: “Have you got a motorbike up there?”

Craig added: “I shouted down, ‘No, it’s just a leaf blower’. He said, ‘OK’ like that was an excusable answer.”

According to Craig, the prank was “definitely worth every penny”.

“He was finding them for months after he cleaned it up,” said Craig. “He didn’t let on to anybody that it happened and I waited about four months expecting to see a Facebook rant.”

The post on The Glasgow Gospel page, has also received almost 2000 comments.

Gaz Cairns wrote: “Yes mate, this is amazing! Yours truly, flip flop”

Stuart Berrie said: “Comedy gold… I dare say further revenge for revenge is in planning Scott McAtear?”

Afshan Yunus said: “Sweet revenge.”

Leanne Mclaughlin commented: “This has just mad my hangover sooooo much easier to deal with.”

Alex Keddie said: “Legendary”



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