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In BriefT2 Trainspotting props go on show - including Begbie's prison loo for...

T2 Trainspotting props go on show – including Begbie’s prison loo for £70

AN ENTIRE catalogue of T2 Trainspotting props including Begbie’s cell toilet and an original script has been released – ahead of this weekend’s auction.

Fans will now have the opportunity to bid for 316 items used in the cult classic sequel, released earlier this year

Iconic props from Begbie’s jail cell including his metal framed bunk bed and prison interview table with two loose panic buttons are both set to reach between £100 – £150 each.

Meanwhile a stainless steel toilet from the cell is has been priced as reaching between £50 – £70.

Begbie’s cell toilet and sink are up for grabs.

Train wallpaper panels featured in a scene where Renton returns to his family home are also up for grabs for between £200 – £300.

After the original 1996 film, the train wallpaper was lost and subsequently recommissioned specifically for these panels.

And bloodied clothing worn by Renton, played by Ewan McGregor, also feature in the auction.
The entire Port Sunshine horseshoe bar, owned by Sick Boy, portrayed by Johnny Lee Miller and the stag mural owned by Spud, played by Ewen Bremner, have also been donated.

The wooden construction, which features in a fight scene between Renton and Sickboy, has been put up for auction for a bargain price of anywhere between £500 – £700.

The Port Sunshine bar which featured in the fight scene between Renton and Sickboy.

Included with the bar are multiple beer taps, double glass door fridge, two stainless steel sinks, dishwasher and Hibernian FC memorabilia.

An estimate of between £30 – £50 has been given for an empty bottle of Malbec red wine and two empty bottles of Buckfast which were held by Begbie’s dad at leith Railway Station.

Other items include bar stools and a pool cue branded by hot-headed psychopath, Begbie played by Robert Carlyle.

An original script, dated 3rd May 2016, with handwritten notes by the screenwriter John Hodge is up for auction with an estimated price of £200 – £300.

Iconic items such as Renton’s wallpaper panels from his childhood bedroom are also included in the auction.

Included in the script on the final page reads “With Best Wishes. Hope you enjoyed the movie. John Hodge. 5th March 2017′

Proceeds from the sales at Mulberry Bank Auctions in Glasgow will be split between two charities.

On their website, Mulberry Bank wrote: “The greatly anticipated follow up to Trainspotting, T2 has finally arrived to great acclaim, and to mark this occasion, Mulberry Bank have been chosen to auction the props, sets and clothes from this iconic film.

An original script is included in the auction this Saturday.

“You too can now own a piece of cinema history, be it a bar stool, a pint glass or the whole bar from one of the many pub scenes, the memorable cashpoint machine, a piece of furniture from one of the flats, an item of clothing worn by one of the stars, or many more unique pieces from this film.

“The proceeds of the auction will be donated to The Junction, an Edinburgh based young person’s charity of which Irvine Welsh is the patron and Calton Athletic, a Glasgow based charity helping people to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.”

The auction will begin on Saturday at 10am with viewings of the props available throughout the day from Thursday onwards.

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