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In BriefJet2 apologises after family eaten alive by bed bugs in Spanish holiday...

Jet2 apologises after family eaten alive by bed bugs in Spanish holiday apartment

REVOLTING pictures show how a Scottish family were ravaged by an infestation of blood-sucking bed bugs at their “nightmare” Spanish holiday hotel.

Liam Edmonds and Laura Docherty found the vile critters living in both the mattresses and wooden frames of their beds during a holiday with their two children in Menorca.

The couple, from Edinburgh, also shared images showing their arms and legs covered in hundreds of bites which have cost them £80 so far to treat.

Liam and Laura, who are not due to fly home until this weekend, have been moved to a different apartment in the same complex.

Credit: Laura Docherty/Facebook

Jet2 have apologised for the horrific ordeal they faced and revealed that their original apartment had been fumigated.

Laura initially thought the bites were a reaction to Spanish plants but say they found the bugs crawling around beneath their beds while staying at Sol Parc Apartments in Son Parc.

The family were forced to disinfect all of their clothes and were given an injection and medication from Spanish doctors.

Laura wrote on Tuesday: “Jet2, absolute disgrace. The last week of holiday we have all been itchy thinking it’s a reaction to the trees etc.

“Looked online and our bites looked like bed bugs bite pulled all the covers back and saw loads of bed bugs.

Credit: Laura Docherty/Facebook

“We are all so itchy and painful. Jet2 won’t move us to a different complex unless we pay a fee absolute disgrace. We have two small children with us! Worst holiday ever.”

Yesterday she shared an update, adding: “Had to ask to get our clothes disinfected.

“Went to the doctor me and my partner had to get an injection in the bum and have cream and tablets to take boys have medicine and cream we now obviously have no clothes now so have to sit in another day ruined.

“Moved to a different room again incase infestation. Jet 2 had the cheek to say they couldn’t move us due to infestation. Eh no, it’s because you asked twice yesterday for moving fees.”

“I have went with Jet2 most times first time package holiday and they have always been good but when you have a problem there no use left us in a terrible state.

Credit: Laura Docherty/Facebook

“Three days of hell left though. €55 for doctors and €34 for medicine.

“It’s shocking. I feel like I’m in a nightmare no one seems to care that we have nothing to wear and I don’t think they realise how serious bed bugs are cleaners came in with a tin of fly killer.

“So far the hotel have offered us our three meals a day with drinks at meal times.

“Me, my partner and two children, aged 3 and 4, have no clothes to wear. They have moved us room but we are probably infesting this one too.

“I have had four hours sleep due to itch we have our suitcases out on balcony. Not fun at all. Holiday ruined.”

Laura’s post has been shared over 1,500 times and attracted hundreds of comments from outraged followers.

Credit: Laura Docherty/Facebook

Chelsea Johnson said: “Omg making my skin crawl , so can’t imagine how you all are.”

Emma Carr wrote: “Feel so awful for you. You will have to destroy all of your luggage too as they can travel home with you.

“Definitely get rid of cases etc if they were on ground level. Sorry to add more bad news.”

And Nicola Boon said: “Oh god. I’m so sorry you’re going through all this. Hope you all get home safe and sound soon and you get the compensation you absolutely deserve.”

Credit: Liam Edmonds/Facebook

Liam also shared an image showing his arm covered in bites on the Jet2 Facebook page, prompting the company to say they would look into it.

A Jet2holidays spokeswoman today said: “We are very sorry to hear about Mr Edmonds’ and Miss Docherty’s experience.

“This has been an isolated incident, confined to one room, which the hotel has now fumigated.

“Our in-resort team is doing everything they can to support and assist the family.”

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