Sunday, May 29, 2022
NewsShocking clip shows man jump at least 20ft into massive waves created...

Shocking clip shows man jump at least 20ft into massive waves created by Storm Ophelia

A SHOCKING video shows a man leap at least 20ft into huge waves whipped up by Storm Ophelia.

The disturbing clip was filmed in Salthill in the city of Galway this morning as winds in excess of 90mph battered the area.

The footage was captured and posted to Facebook by Clarenbridge Garden Centre, along with the caption: “Absolute madness. Can you spot the swimmer at Black Rock in Salthill just now.”

David Farragher, the manager of the centre, said: “Simply put it is crazy.

“He not only put his own life at risk but those of the emergency responders. Foolish and dangerous.”

The man jumps from The Black Rock Diving Tower which juts out into the sea and appears almost cut off by the raging waters. It remains unclear what happened to the man but he is believed to have made it ashore.

On social media, commentators criticised what is assumed to be a crazy stunt.

Sylvia Spain said: “If he is managed to be rescued he should be put in front of the families of those who save him and made apologise to them for putting their loved ones lives at risk,the gobs**.”

Sandra Mcgill agreed: “People shouldn’t have to risk their lives to save stupid people if they choose not to listen to what’s been said they should be left.”

Dermot Macken said: “This swimmer should be charged with reckless endangerment of his own life and those that might have to try and rescue him. What a fool.”

Doreen Cronin added: “If they make it back in alive fine they might think twice about risking lives next time, ignorance at its best.”

A spokesman for the Garda in Dublin said they had no definite information on the incident or what had happened to the man. “We are warning people to stay out of the water and not to put extra strain on the emergency services or put yourself at risk,” said the spokesman.

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