Scotland’s strangest cat loves walkies, showers and trips to Tesco


A VERY strange cat has been caught on camera walking on a lead, taking a shower and touring a supermarket sat in the toddler seat of a trolley.

The footage shows Hamish happily walking in the countryside on his lead, even strolling side-by-side with a dog at one point.

And while most cats hate water, the seven-month-old is also seen happily taking a very long shower.

The moggy from Edinburgh, who was rescued in the summer, also loves visiting coffee shops and sitting in a well on the dashboard during car journeys.

And if all of that isn’t weird enough, owner Fiona Tait reckons Hamish has learned five different sign language gestures.

Fiona says her pet’s unusually sociable character will make him ideal as a therapy pet for people with learning difficulties.

She said: “Hamish pretty much comes in the van with me wherever I go so he will run out the door, jump into the van whenever I leave the house and make himself comfy on the dashboard.

Hamish loves nothing more than a walk around the Highlands

“He just takes it in his stride. He basically does everything a dog does. He gives paws, goes on at least one walk each day on his lead.

“When we go up the highlands we pop into the Mountain Cafe in Gairloch and they’re fine with him then we pop into the Tesco in Dingwall and he just sits on his blanket in the trolley, going around doing the shopping.

“Most people don’t even notice and just walk past but he does get the odd few who get a fright and say ‘omg is that a cat in there?'”

She added: “Every Friday I take my partner to work and we go to Costa on the way where they will often give Hamish some cream. He recognises the cup.

Hamish hops in her owners van every day and goes everywhere with her

“You can’t run a bath without him hopping in and you could be in the shower and he just jumps under. He is horrendous, he just won’t get out until I’ve pulled the plug.”

Fiona, who works with people with additional needs around Edinburgh, has already started taking Hamish to work with her and he has become a hit with her clients

She said: “ I’m hoping he will be able to help one of my 21-year-old clients. She does sign language and so far Hamish already knows five signs.

Hamish liked to wind down in local cafes.

“He knows when she’s going to the toilet, when he has to stay put, which he does, and also when he’s allowed to come or get food.

“He’s pretty laid back like most cats but then again if the door goes he’s right there, needing to see who it is.

“When he comes out for a walk he’s pretty confident and leads the way and he will tend to sit down like a dog would if other dogs come up to him.

“He rattles his lead at the door when he wants to go out or come with me anywhere

“He’s just such a lovable character and gets called my sidekick.”