Police Scotland’s latest crime-fighting pups take internet by storm


POLICE Scotland have revealed their two newest recruits – adorable German Shepherd puppies that have taken twitter by storm.

The two as of now unnamed pups, simply referred to as “double trouble”, had their first visit to the Dog Training Centre in Glasgow on Saturday (FEB 3).

The force shared some behind the scenes footage of the two 8-week-old puppies getting up to mischief and running around the inside of the training centre.

The curious canines were snapped sniffing their new surroundings, and play fighting with each other.

Social media users went wild for the pups, and suggested a variety names for the pair – including “Tango and Cash”, “Riggs and Murtaugh” and “Alba and Caledonia.”

However, the final names will be officially decided by kids at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.

The short 20-second clip, which has now been viewed over 35,000 times, shows the two pups running around a kitchen area with their tails wagging.

Police Scotland Dogs posted the video with the caption: “The double trouble have arrived at The Dog Training Centre.”

The German Shepherd puppies, who are siblings, share similar markings and have a dark coat on their body, but lighter colouring on their faces.

One of the pups wanders off while the other stands looking curious – but the other pup suddenly reappears and starts to play fight with their sibling.

The two adorable puppies continue to play fight and bite each other before the footage ends.

Police Scotland tweeted that one of the pups is settling in well at his new home with his handler already

Police Scotland Dogs also shared pictures of the two at the training centre, and yesterday shared a picture of one of them with the caption: “Boy pup has settled in well with his handler and is strutting about the place making himself at home. @echcharity will update us asap with the chosen names.”

Social media users were quick to comment on the posts.

Linda Brown said: “I think that’s a brilliant idea for the kids to pick a name. Keep up all the good work that your officers and fantastic dogs do.”
Karen added: “I’d like to apply for position of puppy cuddler.”

Christina commented: “Oh they are adorable.”

While Gavin Byers joked: “PC Pupper and Constable Doggo.”

In November last year, Police Dog’s Bono and Juno were fitted with head mounted cameras while they played “hide and seek” in a training drill.

The cameras have not been officially rolled out for operational use yet, but captured amazing dog’s eye view of the hounds tracking down “criminals” in in the drill.