Chilling moment armed Belgian police officer threatens to shoot Irish “travellers”


CHILLING video shows an armed Belgian policeman threaten to shoot two “Travellers” in the head – as a little girl looks on.

The officer, a handgun clearly visible on his hip, tells the Irishmen he would shoot them “right through the f****** head” if it was up to him.

He mimics the sound of two gunshots as he makes the threat, watched by a little girl with painted nails who is aged about six.

It is believed the clip was filmed on a campsite but it is not clear where. One Belgian who has viewed the video believes from the officer’s accent that it may be in the Flamish region of the country.

It is believed officers were called out over a dispute about unpaid charges at the camp site before one of them goes on a hate-filled rant.

The 90-second clip, which appears to have been filmed without the officer realising, was uploaded to Facebook this week and then removed shortly afterwards.

The officer, speaking English, says: “You just come here, and I do whatever I want, all you people you think you can do that. That’s what you’re like.”

When one of the men asks what he means, he sighs and says: “I f******* hate you guys, you know that?

“If it was up to me, bomb through the head and bomb through your head. That’s what I want to do. I can’t do that, but f*** you. You go.”

When one of the men says that he has paid 270 euros to stay at the campsite, the cop shouts back: “You didn’t pay. I just checked with them, don’t sell me bulls***. Don’t lie to me. You go.”

One of the men then responds by saying that he has spoken to his solicitor and is on bail at the address, but the policeman continues his tirade.

He can be heard shouting: “No, no. You think you can do anything in the country. You just come here, you slack to the rules, you don’t give a sh**.”

When one of the men can be heard saying to someone in the background that the policeman wants to shoot them, the police man responds by saying: “If it was up to me, I would do that yeah, right through your f****** head.”

When asked why the police man says: “Because you’re s***, s***.”

After the pair argue with the policeman, one man says: “At the end of the day you have your opinion but you cannot say that. You should be an officer of the law, you should not be allowed to say that. You should know that.”

The cop, visibly angered, raises his finger and replies: “I follow the law for people who respect the law. You guys you don’t respect anything.”

The policeman is thought to be part of the local Belgian police force

When the policeman is asked yet again why he wants to shoot them, he backs down, saying: “I don’t want to shoot you man, you’ve got to respect the rules.”

On social media, users were appalled by the policeman’s actions.

Blathnaid Sherry said: “You can’t make those threats to anyone police man or not, noone should be above the law.”

Big balls added: “Corrupt b****** needs sacked and arrested.”

In June last year members of an Irish traveller gang were arrested in the Netherlands for trying to run down and kill police officers.

The gang drove at police officers during a high speed chase across two countries – the Netherlands and Germany.

They had tried to steal a 25,000 euro camper van in Lohne, northwest Germany, but the alarm was raised and cops interrupted their raid, causing the burglars to panic and speed off.


The Belgian Embassy in London directed enquiries to the Belgian Federal Police, whose spokeswoman Sarah Frederickx said: “It looks indeed like a Belgian Police Officer, however there is not enough information for me to confirm this. In Belgium we have 189 local police departments and the Federal Police.

“I think it’s highly possible it may concern a local department, but it could be anywhere in Belgium.”