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EntertainmentCOMEDY/ MUSIC - The Silent Disco Tour is a must do

COMEDY/ MUSIC – The Silent Disco Tour is a must do

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Nevermind the must see, this silent disco is a must do! [star rating =5/5]

I became part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for one hour on a sunny midweek evening when I joined the Silent Disco Tour by Silent Adventures. In bright fluorescent 1980s pop culture style clothing, the Silent Adventure team promised that their state of the art broadcasting technology would not only make me sing like Britney Spears, but would leave me feeling younger and more beautiful… and I have to be honest, I don’t think they were wrong.

I entered ‘love in a bubble’ the second the groovey tunes reached my ears, and boy did I sing! I was joined by over 40 other random members of the public, a variety of ages, for a disco warm up at our meeting place.

The headsets were really clear and comfortable, with the Silent Adventure tour leader talking us through and teaching us a few hysterical moves and groves to a variety of well know disco tunes. Then we were off into the streets of Edinburgh.

As the disco classics played out, even the most awkward looking of the group was embracing the energised, enthusiastic madness of our tour. From busting dance moves that should never have been invented, singing to unsuspecting locals and tourists having a quiet post work drink, and serenading innocent on-lookers; I felt I was part of an entertaining fringe show on the streets of Edinburgh. Perhaps the general public didn’t know what had hit them, but our silent disco high spirited ‘flash mob’ soon had them smiling and singing along.

Our tour leader lead us to the meadows where we went from skipping like spring lambs to ‘the hills are alive’ (sound of music), to riding our pretend bicycles to Queens ‘I want to ride my bicycle..’. By this stage, I don’t think anyone in our group was taking themselves seriously, we had all been transported to our ‘love in a bubble’, as promised. This was followed by a fashion show; in twos we each strutted our stuff down an imaginary catwalk while the tour leader gave a funny and whity commentary.

We danced our way back to our meeting spot and before we knew it, our one hour tour was over. The time flew and I certainly wasn’t ready to be a normal member of the public again; it was like a fall from grace from the limelight of showbiz I had become accustomed to… for that hour.

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