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Man weighs every item in All Day Breakfast can – then posts results on Very Boring Facebook page

HILARIOUS pictures show the result of a successful bid to count and weigh every single itrem in an All Day Breakfast can.

The “researcher”, known only by the pseudonym John Stitch, spent hours analysing the contents of the £1.50 tin.

Pictures show every sausage, bean, fragment of egg, mushoom and bacon neatly laid out.

The 50-year-old, from Burnley, Lancashire, concluded he got more sausages and bacon and egg bites in the breakfast than was advertised – but less of the other ingredients.

Taking to The Very Boring Group, a Facebook group with over 49,000 members, John shared his photographs of the experiment.

He methodically strained, counted and weighed each ingredient before calculating the percentage of the ingredients from the full tin.

John, who wants to remain anonymous because of his “supervisor”, discovered there were 240 baked beans, two sausages, three mushrooms, two bacon and egg bits and one slice of bacon.

John set out his findings on a hand-drawn table – stained with tomato sauce – and discovered that there were an extra 20.7 grams of sausages in the tin than advertised.

John’s hand drawn table

The sausages were meant to take up 14 percent of the tin’s contents, but in fact took up over 19 percent instead.

There were also an extra 16 grams worth of bacon and egg bites, also four percent extra.

He also discovered there were less beans, by three per cent, less mushrooms, also by nearly three percent and half the amount of bacon slice – instead of three percent of the tin they only equated to 1.7 percent.

John shared photographs of his investigation with the caption: “Today for my breakfast I had a tin of all day breakfast and I bought it from the big Tesco last week.

“But before I ate it I was reading the label on the tin and then I thought that I would find out if what I got was the same as what it said I would get on the label on the tin.

“So I poured it all in a strainer so all the tomato sauce went in a pan. Then I put all the beans and the pork sausages and the mushrooms and the bacon and egg bites and the bacon slices on my chopping board and then I counted them all.

“When I did that I weighed everything on my weighing scales and then I got my calculator out. I worked it all out, wrote it all down and I took some photos.”

The “researcher” revealed that he then put all the elements back together, heated them, and ate them.

He concluded: “What I found out was that I got more pork sausages and more bacon and egg bites – but I got less beans and less mushrooms and less bacon slices and less tomato sauce than it said I would get on the label on the tin.

“But I am not too bothered about that because it was still very tasty, but it didn’t fill me up all day.”

Social media users were in awe at John’s methodical approach and were quick to praise his efforts.

The tin, looking unassuming. 

Joe Hibbs wrote: “The stains on the statistics page really aided in the realism to me. Happy counting.”

Michael Fernandes added: “The paper that you have used to record your recordings on is adequate but I find the sparkly chopping board a little offensive.”

XHelen Colquhoun commented: “I am incredibly impressed by your efforts. Bravo friend.”

Grant West wrote: “Good and informative work.”

Alan David said: “I thank you for the lengths you have gone to in order to successfully bore me, and I hope you have a day.”

Erik Red commented: “Nothing gets past you eh?”

While Mike Foreman said simply: “Brilliant.”

Speaking today, John said: “I didn’t know what to expect. I was inspired by The Very Boring Group, it’s a creative outlet for me.

“You stick to the rules and have to be as boring as possible. I thought it would be something fun to do.

“It took me around an hour and a half to complete it all, including weighing it and calculating the percentages.”

A spokesman for Hunger Breaks, makers of the All Day Breakfast can, said: “We are impressed with the dedication John has shown in getting to know the contents of his can.

“Label declarations are based on average production runs and the number of cans produced, so while they are quite accurate they can vary from can to can.

” We are sure he will need another meal after all this hard work. If John would like to get in touch with us we will send him some more to say thank you, and he can continue his research.”

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