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NewsHilarious moment paramedic swaps dances in front of huge crowd at music...

Hilarious moment paramedic swaps dances in front of huge crowd at music festival

HILARIOUS video shows a paramedic strutting his stuff in front of a huge crowd at a music festival.

The clip shows the man in paramedic uniform with “Ambulance” emblazoned on his back, cutting shapes between the barrier of the stage and crowd.

It was posted to Facebook by DJ Nathan Dawe from Inside Out Festival in Cardiff this weekend, with the caption: “When there’s only 5 minutes left of your shift.”

Racking up more than 60,000 views, the clip shows the dancing of Ollie Hampson, 19, from Bristol, part of SEMS Medical Services who provide “event medical cover and nightclub medical services”.

The video is filmed from the side of the stage and shows Ollie dancing to Nathan Dawe’s song Cheatin’.

Ollie, who has slicked-back hair and wearing sunglasses, appears to be dancing away in his own world, while the crowd watch on.

He moves forward, going along seamlessly to the beat of the tune, before twisting round.

He then continues his moves, and goes along in the other direction, the whole tent buzzing with atmosphere of the event and the music.

His performance is so good that some young women at the front of the crowd are distracted from the on-stage entertainment.

Ollie later posted his own video from the event, showing him rapping along to a song as one of the artists, J Hus, walks by.

Facebook users and music fans have commented on the video and mostly approved.

Ffion Jenkins wrote: “This is me when this song comes on my boy.”

Paramedic Ollie Hampson’s intriguing dance moves grabs attention of people in the front row.

Ryan Dellow said: “Ollie Hampson you’ll never change. Please don’t turn up to an RTC involving me because the music will be why I die.”

Emily RayHay Raes commented: “We need more appreciation for the multi tasking that takes place when we work and move to the beat.”

Khan Asghar Iqbal wrote: “Mate I was there, I was on the left watching him. His name is Ollie.”

Speaking today, Ollie said: “I was working at the time there was other staff in the pit with me, and we just decided to go for it as we had a long day.

“I work for a company called SEMS. We cover events and festivals which need a high level of first aid at all levels.

Ollie Hampson dances to DJ Nathan Dawe’s Cheatin’.

“Would just like to make it clear. Many people may find it unprofessional with what I did, I just want to say that we had many staff to respond to an emergency, when I was dancing, and I still had my headset on and if I did get called I would have gone straight away.

”Nathan Dawe said today he had just started his new single, Cheatin’, when “I just saw this paramedic going crazy to it”.

He added: “It was so funny. It’s great to see someone enjoying their time at work. We play quite a high energy set so we do see things like this sometimes.

“For example, at Creamfields on of the security started throwing some shapes, but nothing like this lad.

“I’ve been in contact with Ollie, and he seems like such a nice lad that just enjoys making people smile.”

Director of SEMS Medical Services, Shane Evans said: “We have seen the video going viral and are pleased to see our staff are able to enjoy themselves while at work.

“Oliver was our staff member shown in the video who was part of our stage response team for the event

“Staff work several events from short village fetes to long 12 hour shifts at festivals, and the same as any other job a shift goes quicker when you’re working in a good team enjoying yourself.

Ollie poses in a video as rapper J-Hus walks past.                                                                                                     

“So when nobody’s injuring themselves we will interact with the public by taking part in dancing and many other activities while keeping our radio on so we can be contacted at any time.”

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