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NewsTerrifying moment Stephen King's killer clown swaps Derry - for Clydebank

Terrifying moment Stephen King’s killer clown swaps Derry – for Clydebank

AN amazing video shows how one Scots Halloween reveller went to incredible lengths to become the Evil Clown from Stephen King’s “It”.

The unknown individual emerged from a family home in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, to terrify children and adults alike.

The footage was posted on Facebook by Rab Hamlyn, with the caption: “Happy Halloween. That house with IT was mad.”

In the clip, children knock on the door of the home and a man dressed as Pennywise comes out of the door. At one point he is accompanied by a child holding a balloon and dressed as one of his many victims, George.

Pennywise creeps towards the spectators, some of them children, on the pavement outside.

In a very convincing clown voice he proceeds to ask for all of their names.

While sitting on the wall at the front of the house, the clown takes an interest in one of the spectators in the street and says: “You! What’s your name?”

He then approaches a young girl dressed as a smurf and says: “Do you like balloons? Do you like the circus? Do you like clowns?” When the young girl says no he points in the opposite direction and orders her to “move.”

The original post has received a lot of reaction, with up to 55000 shares and 25 comments so far.

Debbie Montgomery said: “Pmsl that is so bloody creepy I’d have ran a mile.”

Kirsty Mcalindon commented: “That’s class. Amazing effort.”

Rab Hamlyn replied to the comments on his post praising the family who staged the scene.

He said: “Top effort from the family that stay there, it was epic. That’s what Halloween is all about. The wee ones loved it.

“All credit goes to the family that took the time and effort to scare us all.”

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