Crying woman films body of guinea pig and sobs: “This is why fireworks should be banned.”


A HARROWING video shows a young woman sobbing over the body of her dead guinea pig – after it was scared to death by fireworks.

Philippa Davies can be heard crying as she strokes the foot of Hobby, saying: “This is why fireworks should be banned”.

The 22-year-old, from, from Westward Ho!, Devon, says Hobby died of shock after fireworks were let off in the street near her home last night.

She posted above the video: “I am heartbroken. He was my favourite and he was only two years old.

“He had many happy happy years left to live with his friends.”

Referring to locals who let off fireworks near her home, she added: “I lost him because of you.

Fireworks need to be banned because people are irresponsible, and always will be.”

The video, which has been watched over 12,000 times since it was posted, begins with Philippa sitting in hay with the dead Hobby.

Hobby sadly died of shock after hearing the fireworks

Two lifeless little feet can be seen outstretched in the air.

Philippa strokes one of the feet, and says, weeping: “This is why fireworks should be banned.

“Last night they were let off. Pretty much right next to our barns. And he was fine last night.”

She continues to cry and stroke Hobby’s foot. A horse neighs off camera.

Philippa blames Hobby’s death on neighbours who were lighting fireworks

She then says: “I said this morning, that fireworks should be banned.”

The video then ends, Philippa cradling Hobby’s still body.

Speaking today, Philippa highlighted again her message: “People need to be aware of the dangers of letting fireworks off next to livestock and animals.

“Our horses were going ballistic as well. Lucky they are all okay.

“I have never had any problems as no one has let fireworks off next to our fields before.

“Most people know there are horses everywhere around us.”

Many commented on Philippa’s Facebook page to offer their condolences.

Philippa believes fireworks should be banned

Courtney Woodger wrote: “I’m so so so sorry. He was such a mischievous little dude. This is why fireworks should be for one night only. People don’t think of others and all those poor animals.”

Gayna Mathieson said: “So sorry hun. Poor wee man.”

Sarah Moody Mare Wilmott commented: “RIP Hobby. Luckily my dogs and horse are fine with them but yes, it’s a big issue.”

Jessica Gargett said: “Our piggie died last night also. My daughter was mortified when we found her this morning, again either heart attack or shock.”

Teyyler O’Hara added: “I think they should have a licence to buy fireworks. And it should only be done in organised events.”

Luna the Barn Owl was also killed by shock because of fireworks

Another woman posted a picture of her dead pet owl, claiming it too had been killed by shock as a result of fireworks being let off nearby.

Mel Mallows, from Eastleigh, Hampshire, posted on Facebook her anguish of losing Luna, her four-year-old British Barn Owl, on Monday night with the caption: “This is the result of fireworks!

“Owls are amazing creatures that can hear their prey from great distances and are able to pinpoint location, speed and so on. Their hearing is so sensitive that the crashes, bangs, pops and whistles can and will send them into shock.

“Fireworks killed my girl last night. My heart is broken as she was my most treasured baby.

“R.I.P my sweet girl, you’ll be forever missed.”

Mel said the fireworks sent Luna in a state of distress before her death

Luna was found in the nest box of her aviary.

Mel, 21, said that the fireworks exploding loudly in the sky forced Luna to go into a state of distress which caused her death. Luna would normally use her sensitive hearing when hunting for prey and hiding from predators.

Mel, who cares for her father full-time, said she keeps 17 owls. Some of the birds she has are for owl awareness and education in special needs and mainstream schools and others are rescued owls not used for commercial purposes.

The types of owl she keeps range from Indian Eagle, Great Grey and European Eagle owls.

Animals, particularly dogs, are highlighted at this time of year because of the fear brought on by firework displays.