“I just want to die to be safe” Heartbreaking words of bullied boy who tried to “set himself on fire”


A HEARTBROKEN mum has revealed that her son tried to set himself on fire to end the torment of being bullied.

The woman, who is from Glasgow, says her 13-year-old boy “never smiles or goes out the front door” after he apparently being “kicked, punched” and even had his face “clawed to pieces.”

She decided to take to social media to share her concerns for her son and even shared pictures of his injuries.

The post follows a series of heart-wrenching revelations from parents about the bullying their children have suffered.

In a lengthy post she detailed her son’s suicidal attempts including “cutting his throat”.

A Glasgow mum’s worrying facebook post has highlighted what her son has had to suffer

She said: “My boy has been bullied for the last two years at high-school. He has been kicked, punched, not let off the bus to go home, pulling his trousers down.

She added that he had “been attacked, face clawed to pieces, spat on through stairs”.

“I could go on but it breaks my heart writing this,” she wrote.

“My son has lost so much weight as he won’t eat and now has a eating disorder. He has tried to take his life by cutting his throat, trying to set himself on fire.

“Sad thing is he said, ‘I don’t want to be here any more mum. I just want to die and be safe and no one can hurt me no more’.

The woman said it “breaks my heart writing this.”

“Breaks my heart my baby wants to die to be safe. Feel like I have lost my wee happy boy already.

“Hate bullies so much. How does theses bullies get away with this?”

Along with the post, one of the pictures of her son show the inside of his top lip inflamed.

Her post has received more than 10,000 shares and over 8,000 likes on Facebook.

There were also thousands of comments where people showed their support for the mum.

Dawn Fuller said: “Omg this is horrible, this is heartbreaking hope your wee boy is ok.”

Her post has taken Facebook by storm with thousands commenting in support for the boy.

Cameron Fry said: “I’d be willing to come to his school and see how brave the bullies really are!”

Stephen Muir commented: “Broke my heart reading that god bless you and your wonderful wee boy. No one should have to experience that.”

John McHugh said: “I run a boxing club in Drumchapel and hear all these stories all the time with boys and girls that have been bullied and hate it.

“They enjoy life now and are confident young girls and boys now have lots of friends so get to your nearest boxing club.

“Build up your confidence young man and stand up to them.”

There were thousands of comments like this one who found the post “heartbreaking”

Francis Allan said: “Absolutely hate bullies keep him away from school, poor wee lad.”

Tamera Healy commented: “Hate bullies disgusting.”

Anne Waldie said: “Heartbreaking. But sadly happening daily.”

Irene Khalil commented: “Evil wee f** b*.”

Glasgow City Council were approached, but had not commented by the time of publication.

The last few days has seen several posts about bullying in time with it being anti-bullying week.

This man says he wants to see “how brave the bullies really are!” if confronted.

The week aims to raise awareness about the issue by getting students and teachers to wear their brightest and boldest socks in a bid to spread individuality.

Earlier this week, a mother revealed heartbreaking pictures of her son’s battered head – in a bid to stop the bullies who knocked him unconscious and put him in hospital.

Lisa Gibb, from Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, decided to share the upsetting pictures after her boy, Struan went from being a “happy-go-lucky, confident kid” to having had thoughts of killing himself.

She said: “It has to stop and it has to stop now.”