Monday, June 27, 2022
NewsHubby offers £1k reward to catch red-light jumping tractor who totalled £45k...

Hubby offers £1k reward to catch red-light jumping tractor who totalled £45k car and put wife in A&E

A FURIOUS husband is offering a £1,000 reward for help catching a tractor driver who jumped a red light, totaled his £45,000 car, and put his wife in A&E.

CCTV shows the tractor and trailer pass through the red and collide with a Ranger Rover being driven by mum-of-four Lynette Booth.

Her husband, Chris, says the car was written off and Lynette, 40, needed treatment for whiplash, concussion and a torn tendon.

The incident, in their home town of Bolton, Lancashire, was captured on a CCTV camera near the junction.

Chris is desperate to find out who crashed into his wife, Lynette

Although the lights cannot be directly seen, it is clear from other traffic movement that the tractor drives through a red.

The black Range Rover approaches from the tractor’s left and is sideswiped, ending up pointing in the same direction as the tractor.

Chris, 38, uploaded the footage to a local public Facebook group in an attempt to catch the culprit.

He stated in the post: “John Deer Tractor come over Belmont road through the lights on red and took my wife’s car out putting her in hospital.

“He stopped then sped off and turned down Westminister Road. Dash cam Footage to get me a registration or cctv needed . £1000 reward if you can get me a registration or give me information that leads to the arrest of this man. The trailer / tractor combo is quite rare.”

Images taken afterwards show just how bad the damage was

There were multiple comments supporting Lynette and asking expressing their sympathy.

Emma Rostron said: “Bloody hell, I hope your wife is alright.”

Clare Louise said: “Omg that’s awful! I hope she’s ok.”

Another Facebook user said: “So sorry to see this. I passed yesterday after it happened. Hope your wife is ok.”

Megan Williams commented: “I was in the hairdressers when this happened and rang the police. Hope your wife is ok, she was so shaken up! And I hope you find who is responsible, like you say it could have been so much worse, it doesn’t bare thinking about.”

Chris has offered £1000 to whoever can help him find the culprit

Speaking today, Chris who runs a Ducati garage in Manchester explained how the culprit got away.

He said: “They took the front of the car 10 metres down the road. The car’s a write-off.

“The tractor did pull over but then set off again and made a runner down Westminster Road.

“A young lad tried to chase them, but couldn’t get a note of their registration plate.”

He also says he is desperate to find the driver responsible for the damage to the Range Rover.

He added: “I want to find out, because if it was a second sooner it could have killer her.

“I’m not happy about it as it’s a criminal offence. To leave a woman like that, it’s just not the right thing to do.

“I’m really confident we can find who did this.”

Lynette, 40, had to be treated in hospital for injuries

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