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4 influencer marketing trends you need to keep an eye on in 2019

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Do you want to get the most out of your next influencer marketing strategy?

Influencer marketing is an ever evolving niche. To succeed with it you need to keep track of the latest trends and constantly create or modify your strategy to make sure they are in tune with whatever is working best. 

So, to make things easy for you I have scoured the internet and listed the best most important marketing trends of 2019 here. Check them out…

Brands now prefer long term partnerships:

In the past brands preferred working with influencers on a per campaign basis. They started off by working with a bunch of influencers on a campaign and if it went well, they hired them again for future ones thereafter. But they worked with them on a per campaign basis only. 

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Image: Amanda Vick on Unsplash

But now brands seem to prefer working with influencers on a long term basis. Instead of hiring them for each new campaign, they pay influencers that brought them the best results a retainer and get them to promote their products regularly, both online (social media, blogs, emails, etc.) and offline. 

If you notice an influencer regularly promoting one product or company in their posts, it is probably because they have entered into a long term partnership with the brand. 

This works out well for both the influencer and the brand. As the influencer gets regular payment and lots of free products, while the brand doesn’t have to wait in queue to get the influencer to promote their products. They can plan the posts weeks and months in advance. It helps them create better strategies while keeping the influencer(s) in mind. 

Brands are getting their own CGI influencers: 

One of the most trending topics in the influencer marketing niche has been the use of CGI influencers. This is where brands are getting influencers who have been created with computer generated imagery (CGI) to promote their products instead of traditional ‘real’ influencers. 

An example is Zoe Dvir, a CGI model created by Tal Melenboim.

As you can see in the above post, she is promoting a restaurant. At the moment brands are using CGI influencers owned by marketing agencies like Tal’s for promoting their products. But that trend is going to change as brands are beginning to invest in their own influencers. 

This way they will have their own accounts which can be used for long term promotions (forever) and they will only need to team up with agencies and other influencers they don’t own occasionally. Right now, they are still continuing to hire them, but in the future as their own influencer accounts amass followers and credibility, they will hire fewer influencers. 

If you want to learn more about CGI influencer marketing, you should checkout this interview with Tal Melenboim

Brands are using tools to screen influencers:

One of the biggest problems with influencer marketing is the number of fake followers out there. It is the number one concern brands face while choosing influencers to work with. 

In the past when brands looked for influencers they just looked at the number of followers. But now that they are more aware of this problem, they are using tools that measure engagement. This helps them accurately predict the ROI an account can generate and if it is worth the price the influencer is demanding. 

Most of the budget is being dedicated for Instagram:

Business are investing the most into Instagram influencer marketing not just because it drives the highest engagement, but also because it generates the most revenue

Businesses want to get the most out of Instagram before they modify the algorithm, reduce reach and make it like Facebook (their parent company), where you need to pay the network ROI to generate revenue. 

So, if you want to get the best results from influencer marketing, funnel most of your budget into Instagram before engagement dwindles. Another good network for influencer marketing is YouTube which generates the second highest amount of revenue. 


These are the influencer marketing trends you need to know in 2019. Make sure you incorporate them from now onwards to create better strategies and get the most out of the influencers you hire. c

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