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History repeats itself: Biker necklaces are back again


History Repeats Itself: Biker Necklaces are Back Again

Hands down, necklaces are ornaments suitable for everyone, be it a man or a lady. They look the same awesome on a slender neck and when adorning a wide muscular chest. On a par with rings, this accessory is much loved by fashionistas around the world.

We have great news for those who adore massive, quirky, and badass neck pieces – in the upcoming 2020 season, biker necklaces are going to be all the rage.

It’s time to get your good old burly silver necklace out of a jewelry box and decide on outfits it will look the best with. If you haven’t got a biker necklace yet, don’t worry, you still have a few months a pick a worthy item before this trend floods the streets. 

Where Can I Get a Biker Necklace? 

No one will argue that the range of men’s jewelry is much more scarce compared to what is available to women. However, this does not mean that men should wear accessories that lack individuality.

Man wearing biker necklace
Image: Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Thank God the 21st century gives us access to the great and mighty Internet, where it is possible to find everything your heart desires. And if you are unable to unearth a necklace of your dreams on the web, you can always custom order or print it on a 3D printer.

But we are sure that you won’t have to go to extremes because there are a lot of biker jewelry stores around delivering exclusive items. According to the trendsetters’ forecasts, next year they are going to have customers by the truckload.

Do not waste your time looking for a suitable necklace in large chain stores – they offer only ‘conveyor’ models that have absolutely no value, let alone charisma.

It is better to spend your hard-earned money on a massive chain made of sterling silver or a leather necklace with an eye-catching pendant.

The major benefit of biker jewelry stores is that they develop their own designs and often craft pieces by hand. Such an approach ensures that you get an exclusive item whether you wish for a lion skull necklace, cross item, or something completely incongruous. 

Are Biker Necklaces Unique?

The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. All biker necklaces have something in common. Indeed, you can easily distinguish them among regular men’s necklaces.

All neck pieces designed for motorcyclists feature massive shapes, solid weight, and a certain symbolism. From this viewpoint, it is hard to expect something groundbreaking from a biker necklace.

At the same time, biker jewelry designers try to add unique features to the pieces they develop. Let’s take popular mens skull necklaces, for instance.

These skulls can be present in every chain link or adorn only a clasp. Their size ranges from ‘in your face’ to ‘you can hardly notice’. The skull face can be menacing, grinning, sad, furious, you name it.

It can be molded of silver, steel, gold, or their blend. Skull face can be embellished with carving, enamel, oxidizing, stone inlays, and so on. As you can see, even in this specific niche there is no shortage of great ideas and ingenious execution. 

Things to Consider When Picking a Necklace

Before you purchase a necklace, you should think about where and how you are going to rock it. If you like simple thin necklaces that can be accessorized with pendants, you should consider how they will look when combined.

A massive pendant will tear a thin necklace. The other way around, a tiny pendant will simply be lost if you put it on a burly chain. Either way, items that drastically differ in size won’t harmonize. The rule of thumb says that a pendant should be twice lighter than a necklace. 

Besides the size and weight, you should take into account such key aspects as material, color, and design.

Remember, a silver chain with a gold pendant or vice versa is a fashion crime. If you want to mix these two metals together, make sure they are present in both, a necklace and a pendant.

A little bit of gold on a silver pendant is acceptable only as an accent metal. On the whole, bikers gravitate toward silver jewelry because this metal is noble, easy to maintain, tough, and relatively inexpensive.

Plus, it looks great with leather outfits and motorcycle exteriors. A silver necklace adorned with silver pendant is always the right choice.

Alternatively, you can pick a discreet leather cord and enhance it with a fierce silver pendant.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

To ensure the best look, you should select necklaces considering your physique. The properly chosen item can emphasize your best features while a poor choice will put things you want to hide on display.

Did you notice that bikers prefer chunky and stout necklaces? It is because bikers, on the whole, are burly guys so thick jewelry makes them look even more solid and hefty.

While regular men’s necklaces are around 4-6mm thick, the items for motorcyclists can be twice and even three times thicker.

However, if you can’t boast huge muscles, an excessively massive necklace will look ridicules on you. In this case, a thin long chain is a much more beneficial option.

On top of thickness, you should keep the length in mind. Short pieces (those are around 20 inches) will peek out from under the open collar.

If you have to wear a business suit, short models, especially thick ones, won’t really look appropriate. On the contrary, short necklaces are an excellent choice for the fans of athletic or casual style since they won’t constrain your movements.

If you wish to be able to hide your necklace under a shirt or a tee, go for medium size designs (with the length of 24-25 inches).

The moment you want to show it off, you can simply pull it out and let it freely hang around your chest.

Long necklaces with an eye-catching pendant look great when worn over a t-shirt or button-down shirt in a casual style. Johnny Depp, for example, pulls this style off like a boss.