Aldi worker builds stunning garden bar – for only £90


AMAZING images show how a DIY guru has built a trendy garden bar from recyclable materials, including 12 pallets, costing only £90.

Paul Nowak built his bar out of old pallets and scrap wood, and got some accessories from a friend who owns a pub.

The 35-year-old ALDI worker from Handsworth, South Yorkshire said he had always wanted a home-made bar in his garden.

Pictures show how he used pallets for building storage space to keep bottles as well as for the bar itself.

Paul re-purposed the waste to build a stunning bar

The build only took two days and the bar of his dreams was completed just in time for soaring 30 degree temperatures to hit the UK.

He has since been enjoying the weather by drinking cold ones outside with his mates.

In a series of images he documented the progression of the build, and posted them to popular Facebook group ‘Gardening on a Budget’.

He wrote: “Finished the home bar, not bad made out of old pallets and scrap wood, will put another picture up when lit up at night! who needs one? Lol.”

The post has since received over 3k likes.

Many impressed users were jealous of his handy work.

He used old pallets to construct the bar

One user commented: “Omg would love this in my garden.”

Another said: “That looks sooooooo good! Well done!”

Another Facebook user wrote: “That’s like a real pub!”

And one user added: “Party at Paul’s!”

The images show that he started out by creating the front of the bar out of old pallets lined up beside each other on top of his decking.

He then built the framework and roof around the bar itself, creating a sheltered service area where he could stock booze and pour pints from.

He then painting the framework, and also the decking which he had built it on, stylishly colouring it in a shade of charcoal black.

Pallet bar
Social media users have been impressed with Paul’s efforts

Next he moved onto the shelves, which he made out of smaller crates, and now uses to stock various bottles of beer, wine and spirits.

He also fitted beer taps, and a pallet-fronted, fully-functional fridge inside.

The pumps aren’t working just yet, but once they’re properly wired in the beer will be flowing freely.

The finished bar is decorated with fairy lights inside empty spirit bottles which adds some ambiance to the un-licensed premises in the evening.

Pauls pub also has beer mats, a chalk notice board reading “Countdown to refurbishment… 0 days”, and Pimms bunting.

Speaking today Paul said: “I was always wanting a homemade bar in my garden, so after I put my decking down, I thought it was the right time to build it.

Paul with pint
Paul enjoying his new bar

“I collected some old pallets and scrap wood and started making it as I went on.

“It took me a couple of days after I got all the stuff I needed to knock it together.

“I’ve always liked woodwork, I should have done it when I left school but I never did.

“The pictures show step by step what I did, it cost around £90 to make from start to finish.

“I got the pallets for nothing, the crates were nothing, £40 for the roof and then with paint it was 80 or 90 quid.

“My family loves it. My in laws are only down the road so they are here all the time.”