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Common struggles modern students face


While college life can give you good experiences and unforgettable memories, there can still be numerous issues to face. Moreover, there are a couple of issues that practically all students should manage now and then to complete their course. 

When the time comes that you need to get ready for your college, search for the best ways to manage the difficulties that you might encounter.

When entering a college, most students are not ready for the difficulties that usually come. This can result in putting extra effort to adapt to their new environment. It is much better if they are mentally and emotionally prepared for any difficulty that they may encounter in college. Here are a couple of issues you ought to be prepared for to manage as a student.

  • Managing time

Almost all future students will find college life very difficult. College requirements are more higher than in school; that’s why many students are so overwhelmed at the beginning. In school, you are given much more time to learn this or that topic, while in college you need to be super quick not to fall behind. I myself had the same problem on my first college year. I used to write my essay now and then while falling asleep of tiredness, that’s how crazy it was.

Image: Pixabay/silviarita

While the intention of attending a college is to study as much as you can, it doesn’t mean that you should constantly study. It is essential to organize and make a schedule of all your personal and school errands. Make a research on some routines that will make you productive to manage and deal with the academic pressures that will come throughout your university life.

  • College tuition fees 

Over the years, the number of college fees is continuously rising.  Additional expenses might also be incurred such as lodging, meals, transportation, and academic books. According to studies, practically 50% of students think that school expenses are a huge hindrance for finishing schooling. There is a progressive number of dropout students since they can’t bear the costs. Others are forced to take part-time jobs to make a living and finish their education.

The most common scenario is that a student gets a student loan. It is always an unpleasant yet so much needed action, as the majority cannot afford the whole thing. It is unpleasant because it usually involves big sums that students spend many years to repay. You can also get a part-time job that will not let you get physically tired. For example, if you are skilful in writing or know academic subjects well, you can work as a tutor.

  • Social Issues

If you are fortunate enough, you can make numerous new friends at your university. Building up connections and spending time with your schoolmates is significant. However, you still are young and young people often tend to have issues and fights with each other for different reasons. 

To deal with this issue, you can take a short break from the outside world. You can read your favourite books during a school break, go to the mall or a coffee shop, do some running or walking exercise. All of this can help you to lessen your stress. 

Always make studying and dealing with yourself a priority. If there are problems arise, you can seek help from your friends which you think can relate and assist you in solving your issues.

  • Poor sleeping habits

Experiencing a poor bedtime habit can make you ineffectual both in school and at work if you have a part-time job as well. Manage your priorities so you can have the proper length of sleep and be more physically and psychologically active the next day.

To set your body clock, sleep around a similar time each day, wake up every morning with the same time each day, keep away from alcohol and caffeinated beverages at night,  and abstain from eating a lot two hours prior your bedtime.