Friday, May 20, 2022
NewsHilarious snap shows moment locksmiths are locked out of their own shop

Hilarious snap shows moment locksmiths are locked out of their own shop

A HILARIOUS photo shows how a locksmiths were caught red faced yesterday, after being locked out of their own shop.

The ironic photo was taken outside the Timpson branch on Nicholson street, Edinburgh showing a worker standing beside a man with a toolbox trying to gain access.

Bystanders can be seen gathered round the entrance and no doubt had a chuckle at the shop’s expense.

This included Stevie Cumming who took the photo and uploaded it to Facebook yesterday afternoon.

He captioned the post: “You couldn’t make this s*** up. Timpson’s on Nicholson Street locked themselves out the shop.”

Stevie shared the hilarious image onto his Facebook account.

The photo shows the Timpson employee overlooking a workman with a toolbox who is trying to open the door.

Stevie’s post racked up more than 350 shares and multiple Facebook users took to the comments.

Kevin Richardson said: “Need to give themselves a wee trophy engraved d*** of the day.”

Joe Stewart commented: “Might dae this get mysel an hour off.”

Ross Indigo-Nine Norris said: “Hahahaha.”

Commenters expressed their hilarity of the situation.

Speaking today, Stevie said he didn’t know how long the locksmiths were locked out for, but thought the incident was “very funny”.

He said: “ Don’t know how long I’m afraid. I just found it very funny.

“Timpsons main service I would say is providing keys for locks. How apt.”

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