Shopping centre security staff criticised over “disgusting” handling of homeless man who was “too cold to move on”- Viral Video News


SHOPPING centre security staff have been accused of “disgusting” behaviour after they were caught on camera restraining a homeless man.

Video shows the man pinned to a wall by at least three security staff as he yells that they have broken his arm.

As the man is forced to the ground, another security person deliberately blocks the camera and claims the homeless man is drunk and aggressive.

Shopper Chelsey Charlotte was so disturbed by what she saw at the intu Lakeside in West Thurrock, Essex, on December 13 she started filming.

Chelsey claims the man asked security staff to let him warm up before he moved on.

The 23-year-old from South Ockendon, Essex, posted the footage to social media.

The scaffolding supervisor wrote: “Poor man is homeless, trying to keep warm under the bus shelters in Lakeside, dragging the poor man around just because he didn’t move.”

She added: “Not enough respect goes to these homeless people, knowing how hard it’s getting this year round. Me and Janey Amanda put £5 each in his bag, so hopefully he sees it and gets some food.”

In the video, the man is pinned against a brick wall beside the bus shelter where he was sitting. He can be heard saying: “Where is my stuff?”

He then screams in pain as he says: “You’ve broken me arm, you’ve broken me arm, you’ve broken me arm.”

One member of staff can be heard saying: “You better start calming down and listening to us.”

Staff accosting a homeless man- Viral Video News
The homeless man can be seen being pushed against the wall.

A passer by can be heard questioning what the staff are doing, asking: “What exactly has he done that has been so terrible? It is freezing cold.”

The members of intu staff then continue to ask the man to stand up as the three of them continue to force him against the brick wall.

One member of staff then approaches Chelsey and says: “Are you filming? You need to stop, they’ve got their body cams on. He is just intoxicated but he is being aggressive.”

Chelsey also posted a picture of the man lying on the ground with two members of staff crouched beside him. One of them holding onto his arm. 

Keiley Richardson responded: “C**** – they all have a warm bed to go home to, leave him be you a*****.”

Stu SaxoBeat Aitch also commented: “That’s assault. Hopefully the guy realises this and reports them.”

Tayla Henry posted: “What sick c**** honestly there just no respect for no one any more.”

Carmen Peter Jackson also said: “Disgusting and disrespectful! U should be ashamed of yourself! Hope this man is ok.”

Speaking today, Chelsey said: “I was just out doing Christmas shopping if I’m honest with my sister in law, and was absolutely shocked on what we both saw.

“I’ve actually seen him a few times as I’ve lived here all my life, I’m not the type to speak up but when I see what was happening, I was shocked. 

“Before I started recording they were shouting in his face. All he said before the camera was turned on was, ‘I’m cold let me just get warm and I’ll move’.

“This time of year especially is very hard for the homeless, he’s not one of those that leaves his house with a dog and beg for money – he’s genuinely homeless. It’s cold outside, it’s coming up to Christmas. 

Homeless man is then taken to the ground- Viral Video News
The homeless man was then pulled to the ground and pinned.

“I think the way security in intu lakeside was not appropriate and in my opinion I feel like they were bullying him because they thought they could do whatever they wanted because they are security.

“He wasn’t doing anything wrong at all. I was there, and they told me to stop filming which I did.” 

During the night before the video was taken, temperatures in the area fell to zero degrees centigrade.

An intu spokesman today said: ““We can confirm that a member of the public was arrested following an incident at intu Lakeside in the afternoon of Friday 13th December.

“We expect our security team to act professionally and follow the correct procedures when handling incidents such as these, which they did on this occasion. 

“We are continuing to work alongside Essex Police on this matter and therefore are unable to provide any further comment.”

A spokeswoman for Essex Police today said: “We were called to reports of a disturbance involving a man in West Thurrock Way, West Thurrock at around 1pm on 13 December.

“It was reported a man had kicked one man and attempted to punch another.

“A 55 year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault.

“He was later de-arrested and told he faces no further action due to a lack of evidence.”