Monday, July 4, 2022
NewsAldi shopper claims to have discovered world's biggest chip after finding 9"...

Aldi shopper claims to have discovered world’s biggest chip after finding 9″ monster in bag of sweet potato fries

AN ALDI shopper has shared impressive photos of the “World’s biggest chip”, measuring over four times the length of a regular fry.

Diane Cham from Leeds was gobsmacked when she opened up her bag of £1.69 Champion Sweet Potato Fries and saw the whopping snack inside.

Photos show Diane’s massive chip alongside a ruler, measuring over nine inches long.

The 38-year-old captioned the image: “World’s biggest chip. 9ins.”

By comparison, the average length of a McDonald’s french fry is around two inches.

Diane had purchased the sweet potato fries from Aldi’s Yeadon store last week.

Diane was floored when she made the discovery

She took to social media yesterday to share the find with Aldi, posting the images with the caption: “Biggest chip I’ve ever seen.”

Aldi’s team were suitably impressed, writing back: “We’re gonna need a bigger tray”, in reference to the famous line from Jaws.

Accountant Diane confirmed that after taking the photo, it was happily demolished by her partner Tyran Smith, 45.

Speaking today, she said: “My partner was cooking tea and pulled it out. I was like this has got to go viral. I sent it to Aldi as soon as I could.

The snack came in at over 9 inches long

“I cooked it and my boyfriend ate it, I said he shouldn’t but he did.

“He didn’t say it tasted any different.”

It’s not the first time Aldi have made headlines for their oversized food.

In July 2019, a Worcester mum reported finding a five inch bran flake in her Aldi breakfast cereal.

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