Dramatic footage shows cyclist knocked off bike by van at roundabout


DRAMATIC footage captures the moment a van driver crashes into a cyclist at a roundabout, sending him sprawling to the floor.

The incident, which took place at the Stoneferry Roundabout in Hull on 11 May also saw the van lose its registration plate following the impact.

The moment was caught on dashcam footage before later being uploaded online.

As the clip begins, the cyclist, wearing bright orange, is seen riding round the roundabout and taking the exit in front of the cam car.

However, as he cycles past, a van in the lane next to the cam car apparently does not see him and continues to drive ahead.

The cyclist is hit in the side by the van and sent flying into the road.

The van’s registration plate is seen bouncing along the tarmac, having been torn off during the impact.

The cyclist rolls on the ground before managing to right himself and stand up.

The van driver is then seen getting out of his vehicle to help assist him.

The dramatic scene was uploaded to Facebook by Billy White last night [MON] captioned: “Stop, drop and roll at Burger king Roundabout Hull. Don’t drive on your phone kids.”

The post sparked outrage online among social media users.

The cyclist escaped relatively unscathed

Natalie Ludlow wrote under his post: “As annoying as cyclists are, this one is not at fault. The (clearly blind) van driver hit him because he wasn’t paying attention.

“The lorry saw him so why didn’t the van? Anyone blaming the cyclist needs to give their head a wobble.”

Stephen Charles Martin added: “Always some w*****, that just wants to get around the roundabout, and doesn’t even look, or attempt to stop their car or van.”

Gavin Brookes wrote: “Why I don’t cycle on the road, too many inattentive drivers out there.”

Speaking today, Billy said: “We’ve got a haulage company so we were driving about yesterday morning. That one was particularly bad.

“Thankfully, he got up and limped to the side of the road.

“We slowed to let the cyclist pass as you could see him in his bright orange hi-vis vest and the other driver just drove straight into him.

“He wasn’t paying attention, I think he was on his phone.”

Humberside Police were unable to find any reports of the incident.