Former drug addicts hit out at “irresponsible” jewellery designers making substance inspired earrings- Viral News


FORMER drug addicts have hit out at “irresponsible” jewellery designers who have been creating earrings labelled “KET” and others which feature clear bags with white substances inside.

Fashion marketplace Depop are allowing users to sell the earrings as part of a new fashion trend – causing a massive backlash online.

Twitter users, including recovering addicts, have slammed manufacturers who are selling the items for as cheap as £2.50.

A picture of drug inspired earrings - Viral News
Hoop earrings which spell the word “KET” have been branded irresponsible.

Images on Depop adds shows a pair of earrings, one of which is a small key paired while the earring for the other ear has a small clear, zip lock bag with a white substance inside.

Another seller, named Angelbabydesigns, who is based in Staffordshire, West Midlands claims to have sold 369 “KET” earrings.

 More earrings available online resembling class A and class B drugs. - Viral News
More earrings available online resembling class A and class B drugs.

The letters are believed to be a reference to class B drug Ketamine which possessing can end up with a 5-year prison sentence and an unlimited fine.

Earrings from £2.50 show more zip lock bags filled with white or coloured powder aimed at replicating drugs.

One such bag is labelled “ACAB” which is believed to be the offensive acronym of “All cops are b******.”

Twitter user @runwayinchicago Tweeted: “Maybe I’m just a loser but I really hate this trend at the moment of turning drugs into some kind of quirky ‘accessory’ and not addictive substances that ruin people’s mental health, lives and relationships with others.”

Picture of a tweet- Viral News
One Twitter user addressed the new “trend.”

Another Twitter user revealed their struggle with Ketamine, @kardashoon wrote: “Ketamine nearly killed me, I’m almost three years sober and still feel the effects of my drug addiction.”

“Glamorising like this s*** helped delude me into thinking I was ‘having fun’ and not a dying addict.”

Also, it’s just f***** embarrassing to parade around your substance intake.”

@cocainfever wrote: “Honestly this p***s me off too.

“At 13-15 years old I was hard on coke and it nearly killed me. I only started using BCZ of Tumblr & irl’s making it seem cool.

 A wide range of drug inspired accessories were available on Depop.- Viral News
A wide range of drug inspired accessories were available on Depop.

“I hate the feeling now and I hate withdrawal.”

Commenting on the post of the earrings, @tameinpaulax wrote: “It’s gross.”

@Jordannmumford wrote: “Christ this is embarrassing.”

@brewliagulia wrote: “I cannot say this enough. Taking drugs has apparently become a personality trait.”


A spokeswoman for Depop said: ” At Depop, the safety of our community is our number one priority and we have a set of policies in place which govern what is and is not allowed on our platform.

We are constantly monitoring our platform and will remove any items that violate our policies. Items associated with drug paraphernalia and which promote illegal activity are not permitted on Depop and will be removed.

However, items that simply refer to drugs by name or symbol, but do not promote illegal activity, are permissible on our platform.”