Hilarious video shows “Postman Pat” driving along streets in tiny van


HILARIOUS video shows a prankster “Postman Pat” driving along the street in a tiny, replica Royal Mail van.

The joker was filmed yesterday driving around the streets of Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire to the amusement of onlookers.

The hilarious scene was caught on camera by local Emma Wilde, 29, who said she was left “tickled pink” by the antics.

As the video begins, the minute van is seen trundling along a busy street as Emma sings the theme to Postman Pat.

As the tiny truck approaches, a man exclaims: “It’s got a bloke in it!” And the crowd erupts with laughter.

Royal Mail van outside shop
The crowds were “tickled pink” by the driver

He turns a corner and begins motoring past a Superdrug store, there is a tooting of a horn and the crowd lets out a cheer.

The van continues on as bystanders express their delight, shouting: “Love it!”

At one point, a man in the crowd shouts: “Where’s Jess?” Which prompts fresh laughter from the group.

“Pat” was also spotted cruising through a McDonald’s Drive Thru by another local, Toni Corrigan, who filmed her disbelief as staff handed over an order to the tiny van.

Postman pat van
“Pat” made his way along the streets and was also spotted at a McDonald’s drive thru

Snaps show a McDonald’s worker passing food through the driver’s minuscule window before he drives off.

The videos have delighted social media users.

Kelly Walker wrote: “This is brilliant.”

Social media comments
Social media users found the scene equally amusing

Rachel Green added: “That is legendary.”

And Salim Akhtar said: “I hope he pays a visit to schools, opening in town next week, to cheer up the children!”

Speaking today, Emma explained how she was left in hysterics by the scene.

She said: “It was uncontrollable laughter when I saw him, I was tickled pink.”

The identity of “Pat” has been revealed as 40-year-old local man, Alton Tyrell.

Postman Pat van
Alton said the project has been making his neighbours smile.

The transport company owner explained he had initially been looking to buy a scooter for his late father-in-law, but instead ended up creating the toy from an old coin machine.

Alton said: “I was originally looking for a scooter for back in May, when I ended up buying a cheap scooter for myself to have play on and let my late father-in-law try.

“Instead of paying a lot for one, whilst in lock down I saw a Post Man Pat coin machine on eBay and thought with a lot of work I could make it well look good, and knew it would put a smile on people’s faces after all the Covid situation.

“I had a few friends help out with the woodwork and welding and after I hand sprayed it myself I dropped it off at my friends printers for the finishing touches Royal Mail sign at PRS Yorkshire Ltd.

“I am now 40, you only live once so do what makes you happy.

“It’s been a great little project and kept the family and neighbours entertained.”