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NewsAmateur chef posts hilarious video responding to trolls who mocked her "anaemic"...

Amateur chef posts hilarious video responding to trolls who mocked her “anaemic” breakfast

AN AMATEUR chef has posted a hilarious video online responding to critics who slated her “anaemic” looking breakfast.

Laura Simmen, from Worksop, East Midlands, filmed a response addressing each of the complaints levied at her by online trolls – much to the amusement of social media users.

The 21-year-old who had dubbed herself “the breakfast bossman” online was mocked so ruthlessly for her “under-cooked” fry up on Sunday morning [6 Sep], she felt compelled to respond.

The breakfast in question features five “anaemic” sausages, bacon, mushrooms, some pale-looking hash browns, tomato and somewhat bizarrely, a boiled egg.

The food was widely derided with one user claiming they “wouldn’t give it to their dog”.

While another social media users asked: “Did you cook the sausages with a hairdryer?”

Cooked breakfast
The offending breakfast created a furious backlash (Image: Laura Simmen)

@patricia_roemer was particularly offended and blasted the meal as “absolutely disgusting”, while another comment branded the plate “f****** horrendous”.

However, unwilling to admit defeat Laura took to Twitter to post her itemised response to the comments.

In the video, Laura can be heard saying: “That brilliant smashing bit of bacon. Can’t say anything about that.

“I’ve only just started eating eggs so I don’t know really what they go on. Obviously, you put a fried egg on but I don’t like fried eggs and I probably would have gone for scrambled eggs but I don’t have a clue where to start with that so I went for boiled egg.

Laura Simmen
The video went through the complaints one by one. (Image: Laura Simmen)

“And, I’ve only made one before in my life so I don’t think that was too shabby.

“The hash browns I thought were brilliant. I cooked them a bit longer than you usually would so they are even browner than they usually are. But, they were really nice.

“So we will go onto the sausages . They are a bit peaky and a bit pasty but what can you do really.

“A sausage is a sausage. It was nice.”

She goes on to explain how she also managed to disastrously mistime her meal so her cup of tea and slice of toast both went cold in the process.

Laura Simmen
Laura’s response has since gone viral. (Image: Laura Simmen)

The video has since been seen by over 270,000 people and caused amusement among social media users.

Speaking today, Laura said: “I think the negative comments are quite funny, I like seeing what people think of it.

“It’s funnier cause I genuinely thought it looked like a good breakfast.

“I wasn’t expecting it to get noticed by many people, I thought it was just a standard breakfast so no reason for it to blow up.

“I cooked it yesterday afternoon, and yes, I’m still alive and kicking.

“I sent the breakfast to some friends first and they said it looked really nice, came to Twitter and got a different result, some of my friends do agree that it is tragic though”.

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